Music Department

Creating musicians, educators and worship leaders

Developing, training and mentoring superb musicians, who are also growing in their spiritual relationship to Christ, are the focal points of Crown College’s Christian music degree programs in Minnesota. Not only do we prepare young men and women to become music educators in public and private schools, but to become effective worship leaders.

The Christian musicians who comprise our faculty are seasoned educators and professional musicians with decades of experience working with churches. Through our faculty, music students learn to balance their personal and professional lives through Christ. Our professors also guide students in leadership, collaboration, and finding and sustaining a career that reflects their Christian depth of character.

Crown’s positive ethos, global reach and missionary commitment are integral to each of our Christian music degrees in Minnesota. As such, the department is continually broadening the global positioning of its music ministry. Our B.A. students in Music and Worship Arts, and in Music Education, spend a semester-long internship at a church in other countries like Holland, Belize, Burma or Spain. Or they may choose an internship in the U.S., where Christian immigrant communities are fast changing the demographics of congregations. Through their internships, students learn and practice intercultural mores and music. They also work alongside a worship pastor who helps prepare them for post-graduation ministry.

Ten years ago, our music department innovated the B.A. in Music and Worship Arts in Minnesota and we are proud to have placed each of the program’s graduates. While our students are all classically trained, we also embrace contemporary music. Students acquire professional experience through student teaching, church music practice, student ministries and recitals. Other performance activities at Crown, designed to hone students’ musicianship, include the Crown College Choir, Kammerchor (both of which perform abroad biannually), Women’s Choir, Crown Brass, Crown Orchestra and Christmas in Crown Chapel.

Our students are members of a long tradition of musical excellence at Crown College. On the cutting edge of musical performance and musical ministry, the Music Department embraces diversity in the student body, in musical styles and in aesthetics, to affirm the joy of rehearsing and performing to the glory of God.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Perform professionally
  • Teach music privately in a studio or academy
  • Work in music-related businesses or industries
  • Gain a foundation for graduate work in music

Bachelor of Arts in Music and Worship Arts

  • Minister in worship and music in a local church or Christian organization
  • Gain a foundation for graduate work in ministry

Bachelor of Music Education

  • Obtain a vocal music K-12 licensure in Minnesota
  • Teach music professionally in a public or private school
  • Gain a foundation for graduate work in music education

Bachelor of Music and World Cultures (NEW FALL 2015!)

  • Train for a career as a music missionary
  • Gain experience as a cross-cultural worship leader
  • Gain a foundation for graduate work in ethnomusicology

Music Department Degree Programs

Associate of Arts in Music (A.A.)
Music (B.A.)
Music and World Cultures (B.A.)
Music and Worship Arts (B.A.)
Music Education (B.M.E.)

Music Minors

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Minors Available From Other Departments

Students enrolled in a Christian music degree program at Crown College may choose to earn a minor as part of their degree program, including courses taken from other departments.  Students should select their minors in consultation with their academic advisors.

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Academy of Music

The Crown College Academy of Music is a comprehensive music program of private instruction, designed to accommodate the growing needs of the community at large. The goal of the Academy is to provide a supportive and enriching learning environment in which each student can develop a greater understanding and appreciation of music to the glory of God. The Academy is committed to providing quality musical instruction by highly qualified faculty and trained music students from the College. Availability of lessons changes each year. Lessons are taught based on the availability of instructors. Most lessons occur between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Click here for more information.