Video and Film Production (B.A.)

Video and Film Production Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Film is not only an artistic medium; it is also a business. The Video and Film Production (VFP) Bachelor of Arts degree at Crown takes a unique approach to film by combining artistic excellence with business savvy in order to prepare students to make a living with their cameras. Through its core of production courses, Video & Film Production majors at our Minnesota campus master the complete video cycle, from field to final product. In addition, supplementary business courses focus VFP students on the business aspect of film production which includes organization and management, marketing and strategy.

The Video and Film Production degree is a more intense version of the already-existing digital arts concentration for communication majors. Graduates of the program have found success in a variety of fields including L.A. production houses, video marketing firms, in-house production for nonprofits, independent film, and church video production. The VFP major can easily be combined with the Christian studies major for the student wishing to pursue ministry after college.

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