Criminology (B.S.)

Criminology Degree

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The Criminology major is a four-year program with a focus on the factors and motivations that lead to deviance and criminality in our society.  The program draws upon knowledge from multiple disciplines and with a strong Biblical foundation, students will learn to assess and analyze criminal behavior and crime scene evidence.  The criminology framework for this course employs a diverse knowledge base that affect criminality including, but not limited to, sociology, psychology, biology, nutrition, literacy, and faith.

Students will be given opportunities to build professional contacts and to explore areas of interest throughout the criminology field through instructors who are former or current practitioners within the field of study. In addition to diverse field trips and other experiences, students are required to participate in an internship which collaborates with federal, state, county, and local agencies and organizations (both faith-based and secular) to provide hands-on training and experience.

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