Sport Management Degree (B.S.)

Sport Management Degree

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Sports and athletics are an important part of our society. Sport managers are required to plan, organize, promote and direct sporting activities. Our Sports Management degree in Minnesota is designed for students who want to gain the skills and preparation needed to fill these roles across the U.S. and internationally as well.

Students in the Sports Management program will earn a Bachelor of Science degree and gain a solid understanding of the social, ethical, economic, legal and political factors that impact the management and administration of sport organizations. Sports Management majors will learn about finance, law, organization management, personnel and marketing.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in the intercollegiate athletic department, the intramural program and the professional sport arena. An internship, which offers students the opportunity to practice what has been learned in their courses and to further their learning, is a requirement for graduation.

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