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International Studies Degree

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Prepare to make a difference in the most important global issues of our day! An international studies bachelor’s degree in Minnesota equips you with a strong foundation of resilient faith and self-understanding to pursue excellence in sustained relationships, civic engagement and community development across cultures. Students examine their own culture, develop intercultural competence and consider how to effect change in complex environments.

This interdisciplinary international studies degree provides Minnesota students with the opportunity to pursue cross-disciplinary studies, bringing insights from business, humanities, ministry studies, and psychology into common discussion.


At Crown College, well over 90% of our new graduates are employed or continuing their education in a master’s degree program.

The Office of Career Development at Crown is here to help you with your future career and can assist with resume development, career counseling, internships, and job placement. We encourage you to visit the office during your first year to begin planning your internship opportunities as well as developing a professional network.

International Studies Concentrations:

Community Development
This program provides an interdisciplinary base for initiating and sustaining community development, domestically and internationally. Students learn to apply intercultural competence toward high-quality, community-centered development. Includes a semester of off-campus global service-learning.

Cross-Cultural Ministry
This program is designed for students who seek to engage the realities of life and ministry in the globalized world while maintaining a connection to traditional missions ministries. Students can also pursue a minor in cross-cultural ministry or another ministry field. Includes a semester of off-campus global service-learning.

Cross-Cultural Psychology
This program along with Crown’s core international studies degree program in Minnesota is designed for students entering people-oriented fields that demand the intersection of intercultural and psychological literacy and competence. Includes a semester of off-campus global service-learning or studying abroad.

This program enables students to explore areas of personal interest in the international and cross-cultural contexts. This concentration also works well for students pursuing a minor in a humanities field, such as English, history or social sciences. Includes a semester of off-campus global service-learning or studying abroad.

International Business
This program is designed to pair core business competence with a strong knowledge of intercultural and international principles necessary for success in the global economy. Students have the option to add a business administration minor. Includes a semester of off-campus global service-learning.