Bible Degree (A.A.)

Bible Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Degree Overview

Crown’s two-year Bible Studies associate degree program was designed for students who wish to obtain a strong foundation in God’s Word before deciding on a major. The fully accredited degree program prepares and equips students for Christian leadership, which they can build on with a bachelor’s degree and career in any field.

Students obtain a thorough education in Bible and theology through a curriculum taught by professors who are pastors, as well as renowned biblical scholars. Graduates of the Associate of Arts in Bible Studies (A.A) from our Minnesota campus are biblically trained leaders ready to serve the church more effectively or continue their education in their selected field.

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  • Courses

    Bible (A.A.) Courses

    Program Requirements

    II. General Education - 40 Credits

    III. Bible Concentration - 9 Credits

    • BIB/THE - Bible or Theology Electives 9 Credits

    IV. Electives

    * Some courses from the Christian Studies Core can be used to fulfill requirements in the General Education Core. By doing that the number of general electives needed would increase so that the minimum of 63 credits is reached.

    Total - 63 Credits

    1 Select humanities electives from COM, ENG, FAR, HIS, HUM, LAN, MUS, PHI, or PRC.

    2 Select social science electives from ANT, CSJ, ECO, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, or SOC.

    3 Select fine arts electives from FAR and MUS. (Only three credits of music organizations and/or lessons can be counted toward humanities/fine arts requirements.)

    4 LAN 341 - Greek I  or LAN 355X - Hebrew Exegesis of Ruth  are options. Consult with your advisor.


    First Year

    Fall Semester - 16 Credits

    Spring Semester - 15 Credits

    Second Year

    Fall Semester - 16 Credits

    • BIB/THE - Bible or Theology Elective 3 Credits
    • Humanities, Math, Science or Social Science Electives 3 Credits 1,2*
    • SCI - Lab Science Elective 4 Credits
    • Social Science Elective 3 Credits 2
    • 3 Credits

    Spring Semester - 17 Credits

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  • Tuition

    On-Campus (SAS) Tuition

    On-Campus Undergraduate 2020-2021 Costs

    Per Semester Yearly
    Tuition* $13,635 $27,270
    Fees $335 $719
    Meal Plan A $2,250 $4,500
    Residence Hall Basic     $2,350 $4,700
    Total $18,590 $37,180

    *Nursing students add $1,520 per semester ($760 per clinical)

    Part Time (less than 12 credits per semester) $1,135 per credit
    (more than 18 credits per semester)
    $710 per credit

    NOTE: The FAFSA is required for all federal and state grants and federal student loans.

    Other Fees
    Graduation Application Fee     $120

    Check Course Catalog for any additional fees related to your specific program.