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Biblical & Theological Studies Degree

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Biblical and Theological Studies BA on our Minnesota campus is an academic degree that prepares students for seminary or other graduate school possibilities. Core courses provide students with an overview of the Old and New Testaments, as well as skills in biblical interpretation. Students also study scripture at a deep level with full-time and adjunct faculty who are renowned biblical scholars, practicing pastors or have mission experience. The curriculum includes systematic theology, apologetics, ethics and contemporary issues in theology.

Twelve credits of Greek ensure students easily pass seminary entrance exams and move quickly into upper level classes in graduate school. In addition to learning the Greek language, students undertake significant translation and exegetical study of Greek, in order to use and apply the language to better understand scripture. Coursework blends biblical and theological expertise with flexible electives, which allow students to pursue courses in specific books of the Bible, and the theological issues, in which they are interested. The minor in Pastoral Leadership is of particular interest to students wishing to engage in ministry before entering seminary.

During the senior capstone class, the Faith Integration Seminar, students conduct in-depth research into a biblical or theological issue of their choosing. Students are required to write a 25-page thesis, which they present before department faculty and students. During an annual intercollegiate theology conference, founded by Crown College, students may also prepare and present academic papers to their peers for discussion and review. Both experiences are valuable preparation for students who plan to continue on with graduate studies.


At Crown College, well over 90% of our new graduates are employed or continuing their education in a master’s degree program.

The Office of Career Development at Crown is here to help you with your future career and can assist with resume development, career counseling, internships, and job placement. We encourage you to visit the office during your first year to begin planning your internship opportunities as well as developing a professional network.


Biblical and Theological Studies Major (B.A.) Courses

Program Requirements

Christian Studies Core

I. Christian Studies - 24 Credits

General Education Core

II. General Education - 40 Credits

Major Core

III. Biblical and Theological Studies Major - 46 Credits

IV. Electives or Minor - 15 Credits *

At least 30% of this degree, or a minimum of 38 credits, must be at the upper (300-400) level.

* Some courses from the Christian Studies Core and Major Core can be used to fulfill requirements in the General Education Core. By doing that the number of electives needed would increase so that the minimum of 125 credits is reached.

Total - 125 Credits

1 Select humanities electives from COM, ENG, ESL, FAR, HIS, HUM, LAN, MUS, PHI, or PRC.

2 Select social science electives from ANT, CSJ, ECO, ESL, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, or SOC.

3 Fine arts courses include music, art, drama, and dance. COM 328  also qualifies as a fine arts elective. (Only three credits of music organizations and/or lessons can be counted toward humanities/fine arts requirements.)

4 BIB 342X - Biblical Perspectives of Worship  may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

5 Department students planning on C&MA ministry should take THE 349  as a BIB/THE elective. Students in this department should not take BIB 210  as a BIB/THE elective.

Four-Year Suggested Program for the Biblical and Theological Studies Major

Freshman Year

Fall Semester - 16 Credits

Spring Semester - 16 Credits

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester - 16 Credits

Spring Semester - 17 Credits

Departmental Acceptance

Students apply for departmental acceptance during their sophomore year spring semester or their junior year fall semester. A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and completion of half of the Christian Service requirements are required for departmental admission in the Biblical and Theological Studies major.

Junior Year

Spring Semester - 15 Credits

  • BIB 330 - Galatians 3 Credits
  • BIB - Old Testament Elective (300-400 level) 3 Credits 4
  • BIB/THE - Bible or Theology Elective 3 Credits
  • Humanities Elective 3 Credits 1*
  • Social Science Elective 3 Credits 2*

Senior Year

Fall Semester - 15 Credits

Spring Semester - 15 Credits

  • BIB - Old Testament Elective (300-400 level) 3 Credits 4
  • BIB/THE - Bible or Theology Elective (300-400 level) 3 Credits 5
  • HIS - History Requirement (HIS 332 , HIS 333 , or HIS 334 ) 3 Credits
  • THE 444 - Senior Seminar 3 Credits
  • Minor/Elective 3 Credits

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