Biblical, Theological and Ministry Studies

Biblical, Theological and Ministry Studies

Theology Degree Programs, Changing the World Through Christ

The Biblical, Theological, and Ministry Studies Department at Crown College is unlike that of any other. Yes, Crown’s theology degree program prepares young men and women, academically and professionally, for ministry, seminary or other graduate school. But the theology department also, with academic rigor and practical application, readies students for a life of work in which they change the world for Christ.

All full-time faculty members have pastoral or mission experience. They are also renowned scholars, who actively write and publish books and articles in national formats and regularly present their work at national conferences. Our faculty’s high-level biblical scholarship, paired with their ministry experience, gives them the expertise to pastor, shepherd and grow students into maturity.

Throughout our biblical and theology degree programs offered on our Minnesota campus, students analyze scripture and develop Christian leadership skills, in order to grow closer to God and fulfill his Great Commission. Students also have the opportunity to select a minor outside of his or her specific major — providing an educational experience that is unique to one’s calling and vocational interests.

Coursework is mission driven, with personal application, so students learn how to ensure their spiritual health and lead others, whether they become a pastor, scholar or businessperson. During an annual intercollegiate theology conference, founded by Crown College, students prepare and present academic papers to their peers for discussion and review.

For the graduates of the Biblical, Theological, and Ministry Studies Department, vocation is mission. With Crown College’s degree in theology in Minnesota, graduates are experts in growing and advancing a Christ-centered world through God’s teachings. Whether they go directly into ministry, teach or continue on to graduate school, graduates are prepared for a promising future.

“Our fulltime professors not only have ministry or pastoral experience, but are active biblical scholars with international reputations. In addition, our adjunct professors, many of whom are Ph.D. candidates, are area pastors in touch with current biblical scholarship and current ministry trends. As a result, our faculty is comprised of ideal educators who develop students into pastoral leaders with the academic expertise and leadership skills to change the world through Christ.” – Dr. Dean Erickson, Chair

Biblical, Theological, and Ministry Studies Department Degree Programs

Bible (A.A.)
Biblical and Theological Studies (B.A.)
Child and Family Ministry (B.S.)
Discipleship Ministries (B.S.)
Intercultural Youth Development (B.S.)
International Relations (B.A.)
Pastoral Leadership (B.A.)
Worship Ministry (B.S.)
Youth and Family Ministry (B.S.)
Youth/Social Ministry (B.S.)


Biblical & Theological Studies ( View courses... )
Cross-Cultural Ministry Minor ( View courses... )
Discipleship Ministries ( View courses... )
Applied Cross-Cultural Awareness
International Studies Minor
Pastoral Leadership ( View courses... )
Youth and Family Ministries ( View courses... )

Minors Available From Other Departments

Students pursuing theology degrees at Crown College may choose to earn a minor as part of their degree program, including courses taken from other departments.  Students should select their minors in consultation with their academic advisors.

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