Nursing Program Named in Top 10 in Minnesota

Nursing Program Named in Top 10 in Minnesota

A nursing advocacy group has named Crown College as one of the top ten colleges for its nursing program in Minnesota.

The group known as, which helps advance the nursing profession, used criteria such as how the college helps students advance toward licensure and beyond, past and present first-time NCLEX-RN “pass-rates” (which were weighted by year), and other factors. (NCLEX-RN is a rigorous testing program for nursing students.)

Crown ranked number ten on a list that includes St. Cloud University, Winona State University, and Normandale Community College. Crown is one of only three Christian colleges on the top ten list.

“It is very exciting to see the Crown Nursing program meet this milestone,” says Dr. Teresa Newby, the Director of Nursing at Crown. “Faculty and staff have worked diligently to prepare highly-qualified individuals for professional practice in a variety of healthcare settings. Students have responded with a tremendous work ethic and desire to be successful both personally and professionally.”

Dr. Newby says one of the main differentiators to the Nursing program at Crown is they emphasize compassionate care. The program has stayed faithful to a high academic standard, along with a desire for graduates to focus on compassion.

“Students experience a rich learning environment that translates into candidates prepared for entry-level practice. After graduation, students enter the workforce with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to lead change to advance health,” she says.

For students, the program has resonated because they have learned much more than just the technical requirements of the medical profession.

“The instructors really are there for you — both day and night, in class and at clinicals,” says Nursing student Mark Drewiske, who graduated in May of 2018. “They understand that people have lives outside of school and they make the extra effort to ensure your success while being a driving force behind you. I made connections with people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet had I not transferred in.”

“I enjoyed the close relationships and open door policy provided to us by each professor,” adds Tessa Siegfried, who also graduated in May. “They were an asset to our education in regard to their emotional support and availability to answer academic questions. It’s common knowledge that nursing programs are incredibly difficult — having a supportive educational staff is imperative to students’ successes.”