Reasons to go to a Christian College

May 8, 2020

Many, Many Choices

When picking a college, it isn’t surprising that there are a dizzying number of options. According to the NCES, as of the 2016-17 school year, there were 4,360 degree-granting higher education institutions in the US.  That is a staggering number and can make it difficult for high school students to manage.


How to Choose

When choosing a college, there is a lot to consider. Not every institution is going to offer the same environment to students. Some focus on the best amenities, while others limit the types of programs they offer. Whatever the case may be, your job is to determine what you want in a college. Here are a couple of questions to ask each institution to help you whittle down your options:

  1. Do they offer a major in what you want to study?
  2. Are they too far from home? (Or maybe too close?!)
  3. Can you afford their net price? (This is different than the sticker price they post on their website)
  4. Are you a good fit? (It is a good idea to visit a campus figure this out)
  5. Do their values align with your values?


Designed for Growth

Christian colleges often started as Bible colleges. Usually, Bible colleges were focused solely on training in Scripture. However, many institutions like Crown College began to broaden their offers while still training people in the Word. Students can become proficient nurses, storytellers, or teachers from an accredited institution while growing in their Christian worldview.

From the beginnings of these institutions, holistic growth was a focus. Helping students to develop as better humans for the world is key to Christian colleges. People that are looking to go beyond job-skills should see Christian education as an excellent way to grow as a whole person.


Anxiety + Faith

Leaving home and journeying to college can be an anxiety-filled experience. The support that was once present is gone, and you’ll have many new ideas to wrestle with.

In short, college can be intimidating. But this is where Christian colleges fit.

Places like Crown College focus on Jesus Only while offering a protective community where you can be known personally—all while gaining real skills for your future job.

There’s a chance to explore new ideas while having professors that care just as much about your spiritual life as your final exam. You can grow in your knowledge of the Bible so that when you leave college and enter the workforce, you have a firm foundation of the truths that can help lead you through this complex world.


College can be a big step in the right direction. Where will you go?