New Songs Chapel

Go to the iTunes U tab under the Academics link and listen to the New Songs chapel, featuring new music written by Crown students. In this chapel, seven songwriters, some with additional musicians, perform their original lyrics and songs for Crown’s chapel audience. Artists include:

  • Senior worship arts major, Jeff Moser, in his last “New Songs” chapel, sings a piece he wrote during his freshman year, titled “Here I Am”; accompanied by senior Erin Brandt
  • Junior communications major, Sam Erickson, sings and plays guitar for “Without Borders”, a song about our limitless God
  • Sophomore Kayla Perry, a youth ministry major, solos on guitar in “Pictures Down”
  • Freshman Nathan Hercula, a pastoral leadership major, plays piano for his song “Wonderful Counselor”, written around some of God’s names
  • Sophomore Lucas Anderson, a biology major, wrote “Our Coming King” based on the four cornerstones of the Fourfold Gospel preached in The Christian and Missionary Alliance: Christ our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King
  • Freshman music major, Joanna Johnson, puts voice, violin and an Irish tune to a prayer written by St. Patrick, titled “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”
  • Hannah Yang, a freshman music education major, concludes the chapel with a five-member student band, performing “His Banner Over Me is Love”

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