Crown Students Attend Minnesota Prayer Breakfast and Broaden Their View of “the Church” in Action

Some of us see Christianity through a narrow lens. We view God as a stern dictator, or understand religion as a set of rules and dictums. Our boundaries are well-defined, often because that makes us feel safe and secure. We are most comfortable in the denomination and traditions we’ve experienced ourselves, sometimes to the exclusion of other viewpoints.

As seven Crown College students recently discovered, there are many different expressions of the Christian faith — some offer a unique perspective on how to minister to others.

On April 16, Crown participated in the Minnesota Prayer Breakfast at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis. Joining 1,500 other attendees from all across the state, the students were able to see what an interdenominational event looks like.

As the Prayer Breakfast website states, “We are committed to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. In His name, we respect and welcome people of all religions and no religion to join us in learning how to pray and how to grow in faith.”

Minnesota State Representative Jim Nash, a Crown Board of Trustee member, and Governor Mark Dayton were both on hand, along with many pastors and church leaders.

The concept of uniting in prayer with people from many different backgrounds and denominations made an impact on the students. They helped at the event by placing literature on tables, helping attendees find their seats, and handing out parking passes. During the breakfast, they also participated in the event alongside other members.

“Even though there were many people from different denominations who believe in God in different ways, we were together as a group, praying for the state of Minnesota,” says Crown student Sierra Allison. “We were praying to the same God, from different backgrounds in life. The thought of hearing about the different denominations while communicating at the table gave me interest to try understanding why they believe in God the way they do.”

“This event exposes students to the wider community of faith in Minnesota,” adds Dr. Bill Kuhn, the VP of Student Development and Campus Chaplain at Crown. “Students have an opportunity to interact with the nearly 1,500 guests from across the state.”

Interestingly, this exposure to people from outside of one denominational viewpoint is exactly the type of training and preparation that students experience in the classroom as well — an openness to try new things within the framework of biblical Christianity.

“So often, our perspective of God, faith, and life is limited to our experience resulting in a narrow view of the life of faith,” says Dr. Kuhn. “At this event, students witness people from different cultures, different styles of music, public officials, and a variety of ministry personnel as they gather to worship Christ and pray for the state.”