Crown announces Distinguished Faculty Award recipients

Award, in its twelfth year, honors outstanding service as well as commitment to academic excellence.

Crown Distinguished Faculty Award RecipientsRecently, three Crown College faculty members were named recipients of Crown’s Distinguished Faculty Award for their service during the 2011-12 academic year. The Award, given since 2001-02, honors outstanding service as well as commitment to academic excellence.

The Distinguished College Service Award: Presented to Dr. Dean Erickson, Bible and Theology Department, for demonstrating excellence in service to his department and the wider Crown College community, especially in his work on the Curricular Revision, during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Crown’s Provost, Dr. Scott Moats, said, “Dean’s work with revising the Christian Studies Core was groundbreaking, moving the College forward with what students want most—options and freedom to choose. Dean was able to balance the needs of the students, curriculum, and the institution in perfect harmony.”

Dr. Erickson, Chair of Crown’s Bible and Theology Department, has received other Distinguished Faculty Awards including the 2005-06 Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2007-08 Distinguished Community Service Award. When asked what he enjoys most about teaching at Crown, Dr. Erickson said, “Opening the Word daily with students, partnering with godly colleagues, and the Spiritual climate/environment on campus.” Read more about Dr. Erickson here.

The Distinguished Scholarship Award:  Presented to Dr. Dennis Ingolfsland, Director of Library and Media Services and Professor of Bible and Theology, for demonstrating excellence through published research and presentations during this past academic year. In particular, Dr. Ingolfsland was asked to present his paper critiquing a book by Dr. James Charlesworth at a high profile annual convention of the  Evangelical Theological Society.

Dr. James Charlesworth is the Director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project at Princeton University, an expert on the historical study of Jesus and Middle Eastern archaeology, an author/editor of numerous books, and one of the world’s foremost experts on Pseudepigrapha. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion consisting of Dr. Charlesworth, Dr. Craig Blomberg, and Dr. Ingolfsland. Dr. Blomberg is the author of numerous books and is one of Evangelicalism’s foremost Jesus scholars.

Moats commented, “Dennis is an outstanding scholar; able to comprehend complex ideas and make them understandable to the well-read scholar and the novice. Dennis continues to astonish many on his ability to do so much with what he has been given. He is an asset to Evangelicalism and to Crown.”

While faculty members can win the same award only once within a four year period, this is Dr. Ingolfsland’s third Distinguished Scholarship Award dating back to 2001-02, having published nearly 40 articles, one book, three Amazon Kindle books, a dozen professional conference papers, over 70 published book reviews and more than 4,000 blog posts. Before coming to Crown, Dr. Ingolfsland was in the United States Air Force as a crew chief on the C-5 Galaxy, one of the world’s largest planes. Read more about Dr. Ingolfsland here. View Dr. Ingolfsland’s paper critiquing the book, A Review of Jesus Research, by Dr. Charlesworth.

The Distinguished Teaching Award:  Presented to Professor Michial Farmer, Humanities Department, for his excellent classroom instruction during the 2011-2012 academic year, his first year at Crown. Professor Farmer teaches English and Philosophy.

Dr. Moats said, “Michial’s work in teaching philosophy was outstanding. He has worked hard to be the teacher he is becoming, especially as this was Michial first full-time teaching position. He had to balance between student interest, intellect, and his own knowledge base. Needless to say, his hard work paid off with great results in the classroom where his students are challenged to do their best work and go deep in the literature.”

Married in 2009, Michial is pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia. His research interests include American literature, existentialism, and the intersection of theology and literature. Read more about Professor Farmer here.