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5 Ways to Achieve Success When You Network
How can a person find an internship or gain valuable job experience without any type of networking?
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A Letter To My Freshman Self
I’ll never forget my first day of college. I moved in feeling like I ruled the world. That lasted for…
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Would You Jump? Dale and Marcia Hummel’s Journey from Crown College to Wooddale Church
Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith. In Marcia Hummel’s case, that leap–strapped safely into a parachute–was right…
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The Dominican Republic Team Gives More Than Education to the People
To help, eight Crown College students and one staff member traveled to the Dominican Republic (DR) for a 12-day mission…
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3 Reasons Every College Student Should Consider an Internship
Haley Jones, a recent Crown College graduate, found that internships do work – and impacted her professional life after school….
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Crown College students share their spring break stories
Every college student looks forward to one week in the spring semester: spring break. It’s when students get to forget…
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