Pulpits + Politics — A New Video Series

August 29, 2020
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Our call to be influencers of the world without being influenced by the world is challenging, to say the least. When specifically looking at how a Christian should respond in the political sphere, the answers can be dizzying.

Questions like:

  • Who do I vote for?
  • What policies align with the Bible?
  • Can I elect someone who doesn’t share a biblical view?
  • Does God want me to vote at all?

The list goes on. As Christians, our loyalty lies with hope—not apathy or despair—so we must engage. We must prayerfully consider what our role is in our community, country, and the world. To do that well, we need to answer some key questions.



Representative Jim Nash is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives serving House District 47A. Before his current position, Representative Nash served as the Mayor of Waconia.

Not only does Representative Nash serve in the political sphere, he is a man of faith. We are proud that he serves on the Board of Trustees at Crown College. His forethought and leadership skills are evident in a new series put out by the Minnesota Family Council.



In these seven videos, Rep Nash speaks with pastors looking to explore their responsibility in local politics. These short, yet insightful videos help any Christian identify their call and role in the complex world of politics.

This series is excellent for anyone looking to better understand how a Christian ought to act concerning politics. As the United States national election approaches, it is good to ask the hard questions and to determine a Christian’s responsibility during this season.

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The New Series

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