New Barna Partnership

October 26, 2020
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Crown College + The Barna Group

Crown College is excited to announce that we are the first higher education institute to join in an enterprise partnership with the Barna Group. For more than 35 years, Barna has been the Church’s go-to source for reliable research and insights on faith and culture. Barna has carefully tracked the role of faith in America in over 1 million research interviews, covering hundreds of studies, to develop the most comprehensive database of spiritual indicators.


Crown College


Barna has made the exclusive data available to subscribers in their new product, Barna Access Plus. Through our partnership, Crown students get instant access to trusted high-quality data, insights, and expert commentary, while saving time and money.


Spearheading this partnership is Crown’s professor of Youth Ministry and the Director of Ministry Partnerships, Dr. Ken Castor. Our Ministry Accelerated Master’s Programs will specifically utilize Barna Access Plus. These programs allow undergraduate students to gain their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just 5 years, saving them time and an average of $12,500. However, this accelerated format doesn’t compromise on the experience. Dr. Castor looks at this innovative opportunity as a win for everyone,

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Crown College

This partnership with Barna shows how committed we are to providing the most excellent and creative training for our ministry students on campus and online and through our residency programs. Barna Access Plus gives some of the most current and reliable faith-based research into our students’ hands. Our ministry students will be able to use this innovative resource for research data, online discussion groups, real-time classroom responses, and more.


Empowering our Students

Barna Access Plus has just begun to roll out to Crown students, and the response has already been enthusiastic. Matt Bratton, who is currently a senior on an internship at one of our church partnerships, Christ Community Church, has begun to use the research for his courses. Bratton spoke about his initial experience with the platform:

“I am particularly excited about their video library covering various topics like leveraging technology in discipleship, equipping parents to disciple their children, and taking advantage of opportunities to innovate amidst COVID. I aim to watch at least one or two of these videos every week, and can hopefully find and implement some ideas or strategies in the ministry I am currently doing with high school students at Christ Community Church.”

Bratton is not alone. Ministry students on-campus and through our online program will gain access to these valuable resources — meaning more ministry graduates from Crown will be better equipped to thoughtfully serve and lead the church.

Webinar with Live Q&A: Innovative Strategies for Resilient Disciples

Crown is excited to share this opportunity with our greater community. On October 29th, Crown will be hosting a free 1-hour webinar with Barna president, David Kinnaman. This webinar will explore new data and share practical, innovative strategies for making resilient disciples, a timely message needed in our current season and culture.


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