Going Deeper in our History

January 9, 2020

Crown College professors not only help students to develop a deeper understanding in the classroom, but they also have opportunities to speak to the masses. The Washington Times interviewed our own Dr. Glen Myers on revival in the modern church.

The article gains insight into the modern church by looking at the past. Dr. Myers’ research on the middle ages provides an expert perspective on St. Francis of Assisi. Dr. Myers explores the parallels found in Assisi right before the revival in comparison to the modern church.

This fascinating take provides hope for a post-Christian society as we await leaders in the church who will lead the way for the Kingdom.

Dr. Myers explores topics like these in his Church History course, where students grow in understanding of where the Church came from and explores where the future of the Church might be. He also teaches Spiritual Leadership and Development. This course focuses on the practical implication of church movements on a student’s life.

Crown continues to be a place where students can explore the liberal arts, such as history, from the Christian perspective. Not only will students grow in their knowledge of the world, but also their faith.