Declining Debt Among Graduates

November 18, 2020


Debt year-over-year

College can be a substantial investment for many students. That is why Crown closely monitors the cost of attending Crown to make sure that Crown is as affordable as possible. At Crown, it is always good news to hear that the amount that students are borrowing has decreased. This means more students can experience the life-changing collegiate life Crown has to offer, all while graduating with less debt.

Comparing Debt Year of Year for On-Campus Graduates
Crown College Graduates in 2019 (total borrowing)$35,008
Crown College Graduates in 2020 (total borrowing)$31,493


That is over a 10% decrease year-over-year, allowing graduates to pay off their total debt more quickly or have smaller payments.

Dedication to affordability

Crown is aware that now, more than ever, many students can be in a vulnerable place financially. During the 2020 year, Crown has doubled down efforts to raise funds that directly help fund the gap that many students have, which keeps them from attending Crown College. These funds go directly to those students who have the greatest needs financially. Crown also launched a new program for those impacted by the pandemic to request additional funds based on special circumstances.

We have also implemented a Tuition Freeze for the 2021-22 school year. Tuition will not increase from 2020-21, keeping Crown more affordable for students.


Though Crown College may not be the right place for every student, we are dedicated to helping every student who is a good fit to be able to attend Crown.