Crown’s Counseling Degrees Ranked Among Nation’s Best

June 25, 2021

Crown College is home to one of the top Christian counseling degree programs in the country, according to new research from


An online resource for students, Intelligent named Crown the best choice for Master of Divinity preparation and 13th overall for online master’s in Christian counseling programs in 2021.


Crown College offers several fully online, fully accredited degree options for future professionals seeking to blend theology with training in counseling and psychotherapy:



Additionally, Crown offers an online M.A. in Christian Studies, with 100 percent of coursework counting toward an online Master of Divinity degree. Students who plan to complete their M.Div can personalize their M.A. degree with an emphasis in pastoral counseling or drug and alcohol counseling.


Crown’s graduate programs in ministry and counseling prepare students for diverse employment opportunities, including substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors — job sectors projected to grow 25 percent (or 79,000) in the U.S. by 2029.


Along with a growing demand for licensed counselors over the next several years, nearly 30,000 new clergy positions are anticipated, Intelligent’s editorial team noted. Degree programs that combine ministry and counseling training give graduates tools to bring a holistic and spiritual approach to helping and healing others.


Comparing close to 400 programs, the team at Intelligent arrived at the Christian counseling degree program rankings based on reputation, flexibility, affordability, faculty, and coursework.


Crown College achieved an Intelligent Score of 91.66 out of 100.


“Our top picks are highly-regarded, economical, and equipped with the tools needed to teach their given degree,” the Intelligent team said about their scoring methodology.


Crown’s Christ-centered approach and flexible scheduling allow students to integrate their faith with their field of study, balance busy lives, and graduate fully prepared to make a difference in the world. 


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