Crown Online Undergrad — More Affordable Than Ever

May 21, 2020
Tuition Reduction

Crown has remained committed to affordability because we want more students to be ready for the marketplace while growing in their faith. Crown offered its first online course in 1999. Peering into the future of education, Crown understood that people would be looking to earn a degree without the traditional college experience.


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Crown College Online
1999 compared to 2020


From our roots, Crown had developed 13 undergraduate programs and 8 graduate degree programs. There are also many ways to personalize these through the minors and emphases offered. Today, students know Crown to be a place where they can gain practical knowledge and skills that they can immediately take to the workplace.

Many students have full-time jobs, families, or live overseas and need the flexibility that only an online education can offer. Balancing work, life, and coursework can be a challenge. Crown has focused on providing quality education while developing a program that fits most student’s lives—allowing students to earn their degree without losing their sanity.

Most importantly, Crown remains committed to our Christian values. From 1916, when Crown was established, to 2020 and beyond, Crown still works to train up individuals who love Jesus and are following him. Our courses blend the practical areas of study with the important knowledge of the Bible, faith, and God.

We desire for more people to grow in their skillsets and faith as they go and influence the world for the Kingdom. By making the programs more affordable, we hope that more students can get a quality education from a school that they trust.

The School of Online Studies is pleased to announce new lower tuition prices for fulltime online undergraduate students. Students who enroll in twelve or more undergraduate credits per module will see a new tuition rate of $395.00 per credit. This new tuition pricing will enable full-time students to save up to $10,000 off the total cost of a 125 credit online undergraduate degree program. By taking at least twelve credits a module, students will be able to complete an entire undergraduate online degree program in less than three and a half years. Crown’s online undergraduate degree programs are transfer-friendly, with many elective options included in each degree.