Crown Online Ranks #2 For Preparing Missionaries to Lead

December 18, 2018
20 GLO Fest 19 1 has ranked Crown College second in the country among all online Christian colleges for preparing missionaries in the field.

Using weighted averages comparing 50 online colleges, the site uses criteria such as the number of missions-related programs and, according to the site, the “number of online or hybrid programs, availability of a practicum or apprenticeship program, financial aid, exclusivity (admission rate), and the retention rate and graduation rate.”

“Crown College was established back in 1916 to prepare its students to take the good news of Jesus across the street and across the world—to the neighborhoods and the nations,” says Dr. Joel Wiggins, the President of Crown College.

“We are as committed to performing this mission today as we were over 100 years ago,” he added. “We do a lot more than prepare professionals to serve as global ministers. The fact that a third-party group recognizes we are doing well at this shows we are faithful to our mission and we have not succumbed to the mission drift that afflicts many organizations as they mature.”

Online degree students can complete programs ranging from an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Global and Cultural Studies to an MA in Global Leadership with an emphasis in Intercultural Ministries or an MA in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Intercultural Ministries.

Because the programs are available from anywhere in the world, current missionaries and other international workers engaged in business and cross-cultural activities can complete the classes without ever stepping foot on the campus located in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota.

Stephen Jones, Assistant Professor of International Studies who teaches on-campus classes, says the training Crown offers is critical for those working abroad whether in a church setting, as part of a ministry organization, or in other organizations and businesses.

Even students right out of high school who are interested in professions that require an understanding of the global marketplace as well as the dynamics of various cultures can step straight into international training abroad through Crown’s partnership in the unique Global Bridge and Envision TREK programs, and then can complete a related bachelor’s degree online or on campus through the International Relations or Intercultural Youth Development programs.

“Being part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination, the missions program is part of our DNA and is a critical part of our heritage,” says Dr. Fawn McCracken, the Associate Vice President and Dean of the Crown College School of Online Studies and Graduate School. “This ranking is external recognition for the internal quality within these degrees.”

“We are a close-knit community compared to the large online universities, and we are preparing a large number of missionaries to minister to hurting people in a broken world,” adds Dr. Alexander Zell, the Online Director of Christian Ministries and Global Leadership. “We take Christ’s Great Commission seriously to equip ministry leaders who, in turn, make disciples!”

“Thinking through multicultural relationships is essential in this complex world where international workers from all nations are working together to reach diverse people in countries with less access to the Gospel,” says Dr. Zell.

As an example of applying the training, Dr. Zell pointed to Krista and Larry Lain who both serve in Spain with Envision, part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Krista has completed her Master of Arts in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation and Larry earned a Master of Arts in Global Leadership with an emphasis in Community Development.

In the middle of one of her classes, Krista moved with her family to Spain and was able to apply her training “on the fly” in terms of the social, spiritual, and cultural challenges. It helped her learn more about the people she would minister to and the language challenges she faced.

“Reaching these people requires new paradigms, holistic methods and creative solutions as students integrate theory and practice,” he adds. “They connect with God and with people of other cultures in a significant way for greater missional engagement. Christ’s Great Commission and His example continue as we equip ministry leaders who develop disciples.”

With the high quality, personal, and relevant training available through Crown’s online college, workers abroad can continue their educational progress wherever they are called to serve.

Now, a third-party organization has recognized the training as best-in-class.