Announcing: Storm the Polar Bear

May 19, 2020
Storm 01

What distinguishes Minnesota besides a gorgeous natural landscape, thousands of lakes, and its lively Twin Cities? You guessed it — the winters are cold!

Crown College’s 200 acres are a winter wonderland for much of the school year, and the mascot selection committee sought to highlight our natural environment.

Crown’s Sports Information Director, Peter Ingraham, explains the background for choosing the polar bear.

“We wanted to honor our Storm legacy with an updated look and find a mascot that can help define our identity. Crown student-athletes hail from all over the country, but none are afraid to bear the Minnesota elements.”

Polar bears not only survive the elements; they thrive.

There’s never been a November football game too cold for a polar bear. This is the perfect mascot to define the toughness our student-athletes have shown again and again on the field and court.

“The process of choosing a mascot was a lengthy one!” Crown Athletic Director, Jamison Ross, commented, “I am glad we are keeping ties to our past with the continued use of “Storm” but also looking forward to the future with a new mascot to rally around. I am excited that we have chosen a mascot that will represent Crown College Athletics well for many years to come.”

Crown College’s mascot has been Storm since 2002, but the selection committee has been working toward choosing a new icon for several years.

Ingraham is excited to have a mascot that marks Crown’s athletic identity. “Crown College Athletics has taken great strides over these past years as the Storm, and we look to continue that trend. I’m excited about the new Adidas gear our teams and coaches will wear, and to (whenever it’s safe) have a whiteout-blizzard-like crowd with our amazing Storm fans.”

Along with the new creative, the official hypeman “Storm the Polar Bear” will appear in-person (or in-polar-bear) at sporting events starting this fall.

“We now have a new mascot at Crown College, and the mascot is, appropriately so, a Polar Bear!” President Wiggins commented, “I think it’s a pretty cool thing that it’s still going to be the Crown Storm, but we now have a polar bear as our mascot. I can’t wait to have our first sporting event where we can have a whiteout!”

With the turn of a new decade comes a new mascot to represent the pride of the Crownies. The Crown College Storm will return to the fields and courts this fall—this time with Storm the Polar Bear leading the fans in spirit and exclamation.


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