Is It Too Late To Go To College As an Adult? All You Need to Know

July 21, 2022

Is it too late to go to college?


Do you wonder, “Should I go back to college?” The truth is, it’s never too late to go to college. In fact, you can go to college at any age—there’s no such thing as a maximum age limit for admission. So why not go back to college at 30, 40, or even 50?

Read on to explore some pros and cons for you to consider. There are many reasons why going back to school as an adult may be the right choice for you. 


One of the main benefits of going back to college as an adult is that you can choose the degree and major that is right for you. You no longer have to choose a degree based on what other people think you should study. 

You’ve had time to realize some of the things you like to do and some of the things you don’t. Now is the perfect time to explore all of your options and find the degree that is perfect for you and your career goals.


Another benefit of going back to school as an adult is that you can take advantage of online and flexible learning options. Online programs allow you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can also choose to take classes part-time or full-time, depending on what fits best into your life.


Perhaps the best reason to consider going back to school as an adult is that it’s a proven way to improve your career prospects and earn a higher salary. With a degree, you will have the opportunity to apply for jobs that are only open to candidates with a college education. 

For many people, a degree leads to earning a higher salary than those without a degree. Or, if you are considering graduate school, your advanced degree could be just the thing that qualifies you for your next big opportunity.


Best advice for adults going back to college

Flexing your “school muscles” after being out of high school or college for a few—or many—years can be difficult, and it is important to make an informed decision when it comes to a major undertaking such as going back to school. 


Have a Realistic outlook

Whether you’re going back to (or starting!) college at 40 or 50, there are some things to keep in mind before making your decision. 

Going back to school will require a significant investment of time and money. You will need to be prepared to commit to attending your online or in-person classes, studying for exams, and writing papers. 

You will also need to budget for tuition, fees, and other associated costs. It’s always a good idea to see if your employer offers tuition benefits for certain programs.


It’s important to have buy-in from the people in your life who will be supporting you on your educational journey. If you have family members in your household, helping them understand your goals and how their support matters can help them become your biggest cheerleaders.

As you weigh all of the pros and cons of returning to school, talk to other adults who have gone back to school or are currently enrolled in a program. Research your options and make sure you are choosing the right path for you.


best advice for adults going back to college

Focus on Your “Why”


Getting through a challenging season of education will be easier if you have a clear “why” in mind as you pursue your degree. You can choose any of these reasons or come up with your own!:  


  1. To learn something new!

Learning is a lifelong process, and there’s no age limit on education. Whether you’re returning to school to earn a degree or simply taking a few classes to brush up on your skills, there is never a bad time to learn something new.


  1. To provide for yourself and your family.

A college degree can open up doors to better job opportunities and higher salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $1 million more over their lifetime than workers with only a high school diploma.


  1. To have more job options.

A college degree can help you qualify for jobs that you might not be able to get otherwise. And with so many different majors and degree programs available, you can tailor your education to your specific career goals.


  1. To network and make lifelong connections.

Going back to school is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The shared experience of learning with other adults is powerful, and many adult students form professional networks with their peers that extend well beyond their program of study.


  1. To keep your mind busy with the challenge of school.

School is a great way to keep your mind active and challenged in a good way. The books you read, lectures you attend, and conversations you have in class all work together to keep those brain neurons firing. 


  1. To be an example of how hard work pays off.

Motivate the people who look up to you by doing the hard things in life—because going to school isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.


Best degrees for adults returning to college

If you’re interested in going back to college as an adult, consider Crown College’s online degree programs. We offer an online Christian college option with a variety of degree programs that may include just what you’re looking for.

All of our curriculum is designed to give you control of your schedule so that you can complete your coursework anytime, anywhere. We offer online degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels so that you can choose what fits you best.

If you have any questions about going back to college as an adult, enrollment process or program inquiries, don’t hesitate to request more info from us.

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With online degree programs and flexible class schedules, it’s easier than ever to fit higher education into your busy life. And with so many different degrees and majors to choose from, there’s something for everyone. So don’t hesitate—go back to college today!


 Here’s a recap of why it’s worth going back to school as an adult:

  •     Going back to school is not only a rewarding investment in your future but can also help you get more out of life today. 
  •     A college or graduate education will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career.  
  •     Education can lead to a higher salary and improved job prospects.  
  •     Learning as an adult is an effective way to challenge yourself academically and intellectually.  
  •     Returning to school can help you transition into a new field.  


 So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at what you can achieve.