Virtual Q+A

We would love to answer all of your questions about Crown College! Join our Virtual question and answer session with departments across Crown's campus.

Twin Cities Undergraduate Bible and Theology Conference

Crown College will be hosting the 17th Twin Cities Undergraduate Bible and Theology Conference. Due to COVID, this event will be virtual. The UBTC conferences were...
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Late Night Live

Late-night live is a late-night comedy sketch put on by the students for the students. Reach out to an admissions counselor to learn how you could...
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Allen Film Festival

The Allen Film Festival is Crown College's premiere film festival where students show off the films they have been producing over the semester.   Learn more...
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There’s plenty to celebrate. Join us in congratulating our graduates from our on-campus and online programs. This year, due to COVID-19, our guests will be limited,...
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New Student Connections

This event will give incoming freshmen the opportunity to connect prior to Welcome Week. You and your fellow students will introduce to what it means to...
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