Crown College Welcomes Largest Incoming Class in Nearly a Decade

October 5, 2022

This fall, the Crown College school of arts and sciences increased its incoming class by over 25%, with a total of 225 new students, which also boosted the overall on-campus enrollment to over 500—the largest student population in four years.


New Facilities

With a new president, Dr. Andrew C. Denton, and a new vision, Crown College has been able to capture incredible momentum. Launching seven capital projects last year, President Denton emphasized the importance of enhancing the student experience. These seven capital projects included significant renovations to a new dining hall, student center, welcome center, locker rooms, a new state-of-the-art lecture hall, front entrance, and upperclassmen residence halls.


After completing these projects in late summer, Crown College also broke ground for a new residence hall this fall. This new Residence Hall is scheduled to open Fall of 2023 and will be located on the southwest side of campus. Outfitted with suite-style living with intentional community living amenities, this residence hall will be the perfect new home for students and fit the needs of increased enrollment.



Adding new facilities is not the only thing contributing to Crown College’s success. President Denton also placed an increased emphasis on academic excellence. This fall Crown College also launched a new honors program for relentlessly curious students who want to ask big questions, engage with complex answers, and build a community of distinguished scholars.

Crown College academics also restructured into three schools, the School of Business, the School of Health and Science, and the School of Liberal Arts, Education, and Vocational Ministry. An academic dean oversees each school with seasoned experience in the workforce and education. Each dean will work to strengthen the academic profile of our programs and enhance external connections to increase internship placements, career opportunities, and financial support.


Through all the changes and additions, Crown College maintains its commitment to being biblically based and boldly Christian. Crown College is not just a place where a student’s faith can survive but thrive. “I’m thrilled with the growth we’ve experienced this year in our enrollment. These results represent outstanding work by our enrollment team, coaches, faculty, and staff to recruit and retain our students. With the Lord’s help, we believe this is only the beginning of the growth we will be experiencing over this next decade at Crown,” states President Andrew C. Denton.


About Crown College

Crown College was started as a small Bible college in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1916. For over 100 years, Crown has focused on preparing students to live out their faith in the world. Now located 40 minutes west of the Twin Cities and servicing nearly 1600 students each year, we offer on-campus, online, and graduate degree programs. We have 16 NCAA Division III athletic teams, internship opportunities, and summer outreach programs around the globe. Our programs deeply integrate a Christian worldview into every class, helping students become all that God desires them to be.


We look forward to the next 100 years as we continue to innovate Christian higher education. To learn more about Crown College, visit, and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.