Crown College students share their spring break stories

March 13, 2017

Every college student looks forward to one week in the spring semester: spring break. It’s when students get to forget about their overwhelming schoolwork and blow off some steam. Here are some student’s spring break experiences that allowed them to forget about school for a few days and enjoy their time in the sun:

Kassy Steinkamp (Freshman, Exercise Science major) spent time in California. “It was incredible to escape the responsibilities of school and work and simply enjoy life with high school friends as well as college friends,” she says.

She chose to explore Los Angeles (mostly the Hollywood area) and Santa Barbara. She spent most of her time with close high school friends in the warm sun and most importantly to see the ocean.

One of her favorite parts of the trip was hiking Runyon Canyon, but her favorite part was spending time talking to her best friend in High School about life. She said it was good to connect to her roots again by seeing her two friends and the ocean. Kassy lived by the ocean her entire life and feels spiritually connected to God when she is near one. This reminded her that High School is in the past.

Billy Honeck (Junior, International Studies major) describes his trip to Texas this way: “Spring Break is always very needed for most students. It’s the time that we can relax and can become more energized to finish our semester better.”

Billy spent his break driving home and was able to see his family. As he is nearing graduation, the time at home is more and more valuable for him.

Monika Russell (Junior, Sports Management major) went to Fort Myers, Florida with the Crown College softball team. She manages the team so she went there to help in any way possible, meaning she was the loudest cheerleader for the girls during the games!

“It was really fun to be in the sun and watching a lot of softball,” she says. “My favorite part though had to be going to the beach! It was good to relax and soak up the sun before going back. I got a lot of rest from the trip and friendship, as it is a great bonding trip for the softball girls!”

Josiah Bondy (Senior, Communication major) had a very different spring break than most college students. He went on a solo vacation to Puerto Rico.

“This trip was quite frightening to me at first; being in another country alone for a week warrants fear, but God used this to teach me an important lesson about control,” he says. “There were so many factors I could not control and it caused me immense anxiety.”

He knew this was going to be a solo trip but he didn’t really realize what that meant until he got there. The first night he got to the hostel, he prayed and asked God for guidance on what he should do, and he was reminded that there was a C&MA church in San Juan.

Josiah emailed the C&MA pastor named José from La Catedral de la Esperanza, and the pastor responded promptly, telling Josiah he would like to take him out to lunch the following day. Throughout the rest of the trip, José provided support and even sent a student from the youth group to pick him up and guide him.

“It had been so amazing to see how God has provided throughout this trip amidst teaching me to give up control to Him and pursue Him in faith,” says Bondy.