Crown College Receives Grant for Four Anatomage Tables

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous family foundation, Crown College received an over $400,000 grant to purchase four Anatomage Tables. Used by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions, the Anatomage Tables will significantly enhance the educational experience of Crown College students. 

“We are so excited for our students to experience God’s creation of the human body through this technology. It is with deep gratitude we express our thanks for this generous gift,.” says Dr. Krista Hoekstra, Dean of Health and Sciences at Crown College. 

“As we continue in this new season of excellence and growth, generous gifts like this allow us to take the next step in becoming the Midwest’s academically excellent and boldly Christian college.” says Dr. Andrew Denton, President of Crown College.

Crown College is an academically excellent institution committed to the rigorous pursuit of truth and wisdom while providing an exceptional educational environment to help each student excel in academics, vocational preparation, and their faith. This technology allows Crown to give students a competitive advantage in their academics and as they enter the workforce. These tables support all Crown College’s Health and Science programs, allowing students access to the human body as close to real life as possible and providing unique, in-depth learning opportunities. 

Joel Johnson, Vice President of College Relations at Crown College, says, “The Sciences at Crown College will now have access to new state-of-the-art technology that very few schools have.  What our students will be able to do and learn using these tables will be transformational in their academic progress. We are truly blessed to have received this grant.”

The Anatomage Tables will arrive in early October and will be ready for student use shortly after.

About Anatomage Tables

The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced 3D anatomy visualization and virtual dissection tool for anatomy and physiology education. It has perfected virtual technology for seeing the human body and all its intricacies on a full scale. Students can interact with body movements, system functions, and healthy and diseased body parts. Virtual 3D dissection of the human body allows students to interact on a platform resembling a human cadaver. Reconstructed from a real person, this digital model of a full-size cadaver exhibits similar anatomical detail and richness. In addition to anatomical structures, students can also simulate functional responses such as cardiac motions and nerve pathways to help understand physiology.

Crown College

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