10 of the Best Jobs to Have in College

May 7, 2019

Colleges prepare you for so much in life, whether it’s working in your chosen field or thinking critically in a completely different one.

College is an investment that can help you find success in the workplace. And, even while you’re in college, there are a variety of ways you can make money while pursuing your degree. Here are the top 10 jobs to consider when you head off to college.


1. Office Worker

Most colleges have a variety of office jobs available for students to work part-time. Office jobs are typically found in Admissions, Financial Aid, and Academics (which includes teaching assistants or TAs). There are likely other positions available unique to the college you will attend. These office jobs can be great experiences and provide knowledge for your field of interest, making them great résumé-boosters.

Some of the office jobs specific to colleges could include helping as a lab assistant, soundboard technician, or a marketer for the college. Another great option is the campus store, where student managers obtain valuable experience in business under career-minded staff.


2. Fast Food Employee

Working in the fast food industry might be an easy choice, and one that is convenient and flexible. If you take time in your search and find a place with good managers who care about their employees, you’ll likely find benefits specific to college students. Many fast food restaurants offer flexible work hours that will fit your busy college schedule. If you used to work at a job like this before college, the transition can be even easier. And, the food industry always has openings–people always need to eat!


3. Marina Worker

If the college is near a lake or a river, working at a marina or cleaning the boats is a seasonal job that pays well. Some students who work at marinas can earn a couple hundred dollars per day just in tips. If your college is around a large body of water, it’s likely to draw wealthy potential customers who would love to pay college students to clean, help put up their masts, and fill their boats with gas in the summertime.


4. Nanny

Many college students love nannying in their spare time. Getting paid to look after children is a great fit for students pursuing an education degree. It’s also a job that pays well, sometimes several hundred dollars per month. Parents love hiring mature college students who are responsible and trustworthy. There are many websites that connect caregivers, nannies, and babysitters with potential employers.


5. Yard Worker or Cleaner

Often you can find jobs on campus with flexible hours. Most college campuses hire workers in different areas, such as cleaning, mowing the lawns, or painting and other special projects. Yard work is a great fit for college students because it’s typically seasonal, which allows for a schedule that works around the academic year.


6. Barista

Around colleges, there is almost always a coffee shop. They’re a staple for every campus. It’s a logical business location: college students drink a lot of coffee. Being a barista (meaning, the person who makes the coffee) at a nearby coffee shop allows for some time away from campus in a relaxing environment, where there is typically less food to make than at a fast food restaurant. If you love coffee as much as the average college student, that’s a plus. Most coffee shops allow their workers to make themselves a free drink, which is another benefit if you’re sleep-deprived.


7. Security Guard

Students looking to major in law enforcement can gain experience even before interning for their program. Many colleges hire student security workers to patrol campus and teach them valuable skills in the job. Not only will you gain experience for a future job, you will help make your college campus a safer place. There are also likely businesses near your college searching for dependable security workers.


8. Personal Care Assistant

personal care assistant (PCA) is someone who helps dependent adults with day-to-day activities, such as driving the client to appointments, making sure the client takes necessary medication, and finding fun activities to do. A PCA job gives students the opportunity of working one-on-one with someone rather than nannying for children. Caring for a dependent adult is rewarding and a great-paying job that allows workers to develop a relationship with the client, and is well-suited for someone who wants that personal connection with the people they’re helping.


9. Movie Theater Clerk

So many businesses offer their employees certain perks and benefits, and a local movie theater is no exception. College is a full-time job, and it’s hard to find opportunities to have fun without emptying your bank account. Many theaters offer benefits such as free movie passes or popcorn. Once your friends know you work at a movie theater, they will want to get the inside scoop about upcoming movies.


10. Tutor

Most colleges hire students who excel academically to tutor other students. This job is great for students looking for a fulfilling job that not only helps others, but will also become a personal challenge. Tutors sometimes learn just as much as the students they are tutoring. It might be through helping someone organize an essay, or it could be helping them solve a simple math problem. Tutoring also helps you connect to other students on campus who are also interested in teaching.

No matter where you end up working, have fun! It’s the decision to stay positive that will make work fly and not feel like a burden on your heavy schedule.