New Book Calls Us to Holiness

New Book Calls Us to Holiness

Dennis Ingolfsland BookDr. Dennis Ingolfsland, Director of Library Services and Professor of Bible at Crown College has just published another book. This short, 100-page book is called, “I Pledge Allegiance to The King” and according to its author is “intended for the average person in the pew and especially new believers.”

Dr. Ingolfsland explains, “John Calvin once wrote about people who have ‘no fear of God’ and ‘no sense of piety,’ but who think they are saved because they believe certain facts about Jesus. Calvin said ‘all Scripture cries out’ against this notion (Institutes, Book II.2.8). I was inspired to write my book because I am convinced that we have the same problem today. There seems to be a significant number of people who think they are Christians because they ‘said a prayer,’ and yet they show very little evidence of true devotion to Jesus and there seems to be little, if any, connection between what they profess to believe and how they habitually behave. This book is a call to holiness.

Ingolfsland’s short book is ideal for use in Bible studies or adult Sunday School classes (it contains extensive Scripture references). It could also be used in discipling new believers.

A recent review by Gary C. Meyer says, “This book is easy to understand for the lay person…the basic principle is that Jesus was (and is) a King who is also God (deity) and deserves to receive the Christian’s allegiance.The message states that a complete allegiance to the King is required which demands a complete change from serving self to serving a King. One of the main themes presented is that while salvation comes only through the grace of God, a changed life with allegiance to the King is also expected of the Christian. As a result of reading this book I have a greater appreciation for what it means to have allegiance to the King. I highly recommend this book.”

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