Meet the Crown College Content Marketing Team of 2017

Meet the Crown College Content Marketing Team of 2017

Social media has become the hottest trend of the decade. Facebook had almost 2 billion users worldwide. Twitter has become a branding statement were celebrities, athletes, and even the President of the United States communicate directly with their followers. Microsoft recently purchased LinkedIn for $26 billion and users are spending most of their time on SnapChat and Instagram to find latest news or trends. With expanding importance of online communications, Crown College is right in sync with the launch of its new Content Marketing Team.

What is content marketing and why is it important?

The Content Marketing team is tasked with the development and promotion of content that is relevant and provides a consistent message regarding Crown College. Their goal is to inform and engage prospective students and their families, as well as current Crown students, faculty, alumni, and other friends of the college regarding the many activities of the school. The team is developing new ways to present content to various Crown audiences as well as expanding its communication channels to share with the world who Crown is.

Without further adieu, meet the Content Marketing Team.


Josie Parker

Content Marketing Intern

Future Spring 2018 Graduate

Role: Parker manages the Instagram account for Crown, providing the vision-casting and setting the tone. She is also primary writer and photographer.

Fun fact: Almost every night, Parker has bizarre dreams and she can remember every one of them.


Michaela Svoboda

Content Marketing Intern

Future Fall 2017 Graduate

Role: Svoboda maintains Crown’s social media sites (except for Instagram) and runs analytic reports for each platform. She is also a primary writer and photographer.

Fun fact: Svoboda is a two-year captain of the volleyball team and her teammates call her “mom.”


Josiah Bondy

Marketing Graduate Assistant

Graduated Class of 2017

Role: Bondy is a Supervisor for photo and video production. He serves as both a mentor and a content creator on the Content Marketing team.

Fun fact: Bondy often works at concerts and has done video production for Hillsong and Kari Jobe.


Seth Allen

Marketing Intern

Graduated Class of 2017

Role: Allen maps out and develops the communication plan for the new JRM system. He also handles marketing analytics and assists with project management duties.

Fun fact: Allen is an avid disc golf player. He also won the Minnesota State Bagging Competition for the title of National Grocers Association (NGA) Best Bagger Champion.


Katie Hinkle

Marketing Student Worker

Graduated Class of 2017

Role: Hinkle is a Supervisor for assignments on the team and helps set overall direction. She is in charge of social media analytics and the “best practices” booklet. She is also one of the team’s main photographers.

Fun fact: Hinkle will sing any Carrie Underwood song at the top of her lungs. She was also a dual sport student-athlete and a two-year captain of the basketball team.


Jessica Artibee

Marketing Communication Manager of Crown College

Started at Crown in 2015

Role: Artibee is the school’s Marketing Manager. She oversees the Crown College website, design, and advertising.

Fun fact: In her spare time, Artibee loves to quilt and garden. Artibee also collects band drumsticks from the Hard Rock Cafe and other events/groups.


Jill Osborn

Vice President of External Relations

Started at Crown in 2016

Role: Osborn manages the External Relations department, working with donors and alumni relations for the college.

Fun fact: Osborn loves to walk Windsor, her dog. She has travelled to 28 countries because she likes to learn about other cultures.


Bruce Snyder

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing

Started at Crown in 2014

Role: Snyder is primarily responsible for the growth and visibility of the college as accomplished through marketing, recruitment, and communications.

Fun fact: Snyder began his career at an advertising agency working with Motel 6, Verizon, and Taco Bell. He loves travelling with his wife, remodeling houses, and hiking.


John Brandon

Content Marketing Consultant
Started at Crown in 2014

Role: Brandon mentors, trains, vision-casts, and sets overall directions for the Content Marketing team.

Fun fact: Brandon is an avid disc golf fan and cycling enthusiast.

Here’s an update on recent Content marketing projects:

Recently, the team created a campaign on Instagram highlighting the Crown College centennial year and comparing it to previous years. The centennial event was designed to honor the school’s many alumni, celebrate its past, and help build connections between students old and new.  We used the photo-rich Instragram site to tell that story visually.

The ongoing social media campaigns, developed by the team, are intended to celebrate and share the accomplishments of the Crown community with current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and administration. The team not only researches and writes new stories about campus life at Crown, but also looks for unique and creative ways to share those stories.

The Content Marketing team is excited about its mission and its opportunity to extend the institution’s social media presence to greatly impact the world through God’s blessings!

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Do you have an interesting story to share? The Content Marketing team is here to listen! Send an email to and you just might see your story on our webpage.