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Your virtual campus. Open all hours.

Anytime, anywhere, you can complete your coursework. Simply log into your classroom. With Crown College’s online degree programs, whether taking part in discussions with classmates or turning in your latest assignment, your virtual classroom doesn’t just run during office hours. Canvas is open 24-7.



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  • Find your course quickly by selecting the course from the Dashboard.

  • Find weekly overviews, assignments, updates, discussion boards, and quizzes in the Courses tab.

  • Dynamic discussions allow you to connect with fellow thinkers to grow together and go deeper.

  • The integrated Quizzes feature allows you to prove you have the course material down.

  • See textbooks needed, course guidelines, and an overview of the module.

Why Crown College?

Celebrating over 100 years of excellence in Christian higher education, Crown College is a fully-accredited Christian school offering quality degree programs that can be completed 100% online. All of our degree programs integrate biblical principles with real-world knowledge to help you excel in your profession – as well as your life.



All of our programs incorporate a Christian world-view



You’ll be challenged to think critically and strategically.



Classes are available online and one evening each week. Most courses can be completed in just 8 weeks.



One of the best values for an online Christian college.



Faculty and staff committed to your success! Disability services available.


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  • College is an investment, so it is important you know how much it costs. See this year’s tuition below, but don’t forget that 98% of students receive financial aid that significantly lowers the cost. This is the cost for 2021-2022.


    $425 per credit

    $25 Application fee

     $145 Tech fee per semester

  • We know that Graduate School is a huge investment; that’s why we work hard to keep costs down and provide you a practical, personal education. You take the courses you need at the rate you need to ensure Crown Online fits into your schedule. This is the cost for 2021-2022.


    $575 per credit

    $25 Application fee

     $145 Tech fee per semester

    *$600 per MBA Credit

  • Crown Online can be surprisingly affordable. After you apply to Crown and are accepted, you will need to file your FAFSA and send all requested documents to the Financial Aid Office. A Financial Aid Offer will be sent to you along with more information about how much you will owe and what options you have to cover any remaining balance.

    98% of students who attend Crown College receive some type of student aid that lowers their cost.

  • We are constantly concerned about your future. That’s why we want to help you make a plan to pay for college. After you apply, contact one of our great financial aid or billing specialists to learn how we make the financial burden of higher education easier.



Custom-built for your life.

We know you’re busy. Whether its family, work, or church, we created a program that fits with your priorities. Our online programs are flexible and designed for those working full-time, so you can do your coursework anywhere, anytime. Most coursework is due Thursday and Sunday by midnight, giving you the freedom to complete your coursework in your own schedule.

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Crown Online?


Does Crown Online sound like something that would fit your lifestyle?

Have a conversation with one of our Onboarding Specialists about programs Crown Online offers, the true price, and how Crown College can get you to your end goal.


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