July 16, 3:00pm: Crown College Presidential Update and Fall Safety Guidelines



Fall 2020


We will maintain our mission to develop Biblical-based education for Christian leadership in a Christ-centered, academically excellent, globally connected environment.


  • Healthy environment. Health and safety of students and employees is a non-negotiable priority.  Plans are developed to provide education within a safe environment.
  • Responsible partnership. Loving one’s neighbor requires responsible choices.  We will be a community of social awareness and sacrificial service to others.  We are asking for each person’s cooperation to keep our campus safe for everyone.
  • Respectful community. We value the dignity of each person made in God’s image.  In a time of a global pandemic, national social unrest, national elections, and a variety of approaches to these matters, we expect people to be respectful and kind in behavior and speech in keeping with our call as Christians to love others as ourselves.


Health and Safety

  • Electronic health screenings will be available
  • Physical distancing where possible will be expected
  • Sanitizer stations have been added at entrances
  • Increase signage to encourage healthy practices
  • Personal counseling services will accommodate physical distancing
  • Telehealth options will be available for students
  • Contact tracing options are available as needed
  • Face coverings are required in designated spaces on campus
  • Self-monitoring for symptoms
  • Enhanced cleaning in public spaces
  • Handwashing and personal hygiene reinforced


  • Residence hall lounge occupancy will be limited to physical distancing guidelines
  • Routine sanitizing and cleaning of spaces will be followed
  • No off-campus guests and limited visitation hours
  • Expanded training for residence hall leaders regarding health and safety guidelines
  • Rooms have been designated to safely quarantine and isolate students
  • Individuals will clean personal areas

Dining Services

  • Seating arrangements in dining spaces will reflect occupancy guidelines
  • Foodservice will be modified for safe distribution
  • Food delivery for quarantined and isolated students will be available if needed
  • Increased grab-n-go food options

Chapel, Events, and Gathering Spaces

  • We are committed to a shared worship experience consistent with our mission which is safe for all students
  • Follow health and safety guidelines for occupancy of spaces and adjust programming as needed
  • Redesign events to follow health and safety guidelines for physical distancing
  • Gathering spaces will be reconfigured to adhere to health and safety guidelines


  • Offer a hybrid learning environment that allows in-person and online coursework, activities, and engagement opportunities and allows for a reduction in the number of attendees in class
  • Support social distancing in classrooms, labs, and other learning settings
  • Host smaller classes in larger rooms when possible
  • Reduce bottlenecks when students come into and leave rooms when possible

Public Spaces (Library, Coffee Shop, Café, Fireside Room, Collaboration Center, Athletic Center, Fitness and Weight Room):

  • Arrange chairs and tables to support at physical distancing when feasible
  • Proactive reduction of people congestion via controlled pedestrian flow


  • Perform temperature checks and electronic screenings before leaving campus for away competitions
  • We will follow the MDH and UMAC 21-day phase-in process for all fall athletes
  • We will limit the usage of our Athletic Training Room but are committed to providing the same level of excellent healthcare with our partners from Twin City Orthopedics. Appointments to visit an Athletic Trainer will be available.
  • Require masks on buses and follow all UMAC protocols when hosting or traveling to UMAC schools.
  • We will provide each athlete with their own water bottle rather than use water jugs.
  • If an athlete is uncomfortable being at a practice or game, they will be excused.
  • All spectators will be required to wear masks and encouraged to socially distance.
  • Avoid the use of locker rooms for the fall and encourage athletes to prepare for practice/games in their room.

*Healthy & safety guidelines informed by CDC and MDH guidelines.