Have You Heard This Podcast With Dr. Wiggins? It Covers His Life Story…and Much More

Have You Heard This Podcast With Dr. Wiggins? It Covers His Life Story…and Much More

Dr. Joel Wiggins, the President of Crown College, has covered a lot of ground in his career.

He spent 16 years pastoring churches—11 of them in the Christian Missionary & Alliance. In 1992, he started pursuing his doctorate in Communication Studies at the University of Texas in Austin, eventually landing at a business incubator where he helped launch companies.

Many of these details come to life in a podcast called 200 Churches. Dr. Wiggins explains how he was hired and subsequently mentored by the 80-year-old founder of the business incubator who spotted potential in him. He told Dr. Wiggins, “You’re the kind of person we need here, we’ll teach you all the rest.”

The conversation unfolds from there, covering what it was like to lead churches that start other churches — a step in his career that prepared him for entrepreneurship and leading a college — then segues into a discussion about generational ministry and what it means to deal with cultural trends.

In what became an open and honest look at modern culture, Dr. Wiggins explains how church at one time was an insulator from culture, but that’s not as true anymore.

“You have to be able to live in both worlds, in both cultures. It’s hard to make sense of the world from a Christian point of view,” says Dr. Wiggins in the podcast. “That’s not easy to do today.”

“We need to be called to be more than cultural critiquers,” he adds. “There is a lot more baggage and a lot more triage [we need to do with young people today]. There are some who struggle with things they do not think are so black and white. Maybe they came from a school where there was violence — getting into fights, going to school afraid.”

From there, Dr. Wiggins talks about how young people already have passions and causes — they are looking for places to fit in and do great things. They are globally-minded.

He suggests that young people have the energy needed to serve in the world, but need the coaching and training to direct them into the right activities.

“We need to come alongside young people. They love to be mentored!” he said.

You can listen to the full podcast episode here.