Crown College Transfer Policies

Transferring Credits Should Be Easy

Perhaps the biggest challenge to students during the application period is navigating the transfer process. Tracking down old high school and college transcripts, figuring out which credits can transfer in; we guide you through this process to make sure that you maximize your educational experience and minimize your end cost.

What Transfers In to Crown?

Crown does not have a limit on the amount of credits that will transfer in to our undergraduate programs. We promote a friendly transfer policy by accepting regionally and nationally accredited transcripts for undergraduate programs and regionally accredited degrees for graduate programs. In the undergraduate program all college-level credits with a C or higher will be accepted. In the graduate program up to 18 credits with a B or higher can be applied.

CLEP Credits

Transfer students who have taken CLEP (College Level Examination Program), AP(Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate), or DSST credits may earn credit upon Crown’s receipt of the official transcript. With a large amount of elective credits available in the online bachelor's programs, these transfer credits can often help fulfill the elective requirements. When working through the enrollment process, students need to have all transcripts sent to Crown to maximize their previous learning.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credits

Matriculated students at Crown College may earn up to 30 semester credits toward program requirements by taking standardized exams or completing a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) portfolio. Testing includes AP, CLEP, and DSST.

Regarding Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), students may receive college credit for life and other non-academic experiences. The guidelines and processes for pursuing this option are different for each program. Credits can be acquired from a number of different sources, including workshops, seminars, self-study, non-credit classes, training programs, and/or work experiences. If the training has been evaluated by ACE, a copy of the certificate of completion is needed and credits can be awarded based off the ACE recommendations. If they do not fall into this category, the prior learning from these sources must be documented through a portfolio and evaluated by a faculty member in the relevant field in order for the credit to be awarded. A PLA informational packet can be obtained from your advisor.


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