Crown Christian College Collaborative

Hope U

A Collaboration between Crown College + Hope Alliance Bible Church

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About the Program

Take your education to the next level.

  • Through a partnership with Crown College, Hope Alliance students can now affordably pursue an Associate’s degree in a variety of disciplines.
  • Earn your degree without putting the rest of your life on hold.


Hope U Program benefits:

  • Affordable: Earn an Associate’s degree from Crown College for well under $10,000!!
  • Convenient: Take courses in your own neighborhood.
  • Flexible: Just two weekly meetings gives you time for work and other activities
  • Supportive: Get help and support from Hope Alliance academic coaches.
  • Quality: Crown College is fully accredited and recognized for academic excellence
  • Christ-centered: Courses integrate faith and help you grow in your spiritual life


Associate’s Degree Program Offerings:

  1. Business Major (A.S.)
  2. Care Ministries Major (A.S.)
  3. Christian Ministry Major (A.S.)
  4. Criminal Justice Major (A.S.)
  5. General Studies Major (A.A.)
  6. Global and Cultural Studies Major (A.A.)
  7. Human Services Major (A.S.)
  8. Psychology Major (A.S.)


Program Delivery:

  • Students participate in a cohort that meets twice a week.
  • Courses are led by one of Crown’s experienced online instructors.
  • Coaches from Hope Alliance provide weekly tutoring and support to help students succeed.
  • Core classes (the first 2/3 of the degree program) are enhanced courses that provide additional academic support.
  • The remaining courses, including major courses and electives are offered online.

Sample Program

Year 1
Fall – 12 credit Spring – 12 credit
HUM 106 – College Success – 2cr* PED 1515 Health and Wellness – 3cr
PSY 1010 Career Exploration – 1cr* COM 1010 Intro to Comm. – 3cr
ENG 1510 College Writing + Research – 3cr ENG 1512 Literary Analysis – 3cr
BIB 1520 History of OT – 3cr BIB 1522 History of NT – 3cr
PSY 130 General Psychology – 3cr * Combined into one 3cr course.


Year 2
Fall – 12 credit Spring – 13 credit
MAT 130 Mathematics Survey – 3cr SCI 1531 Biology – 4cr
THE 3520 Foundations of Christian Thought – 3cr SOC 230 Intro to Sociology – 3cr
Elective – 3cr Elective – 3cr
Elective – 3cr Elective – 3cr


Year 3
Fall – 12 credit Spring
Elective – 3cr
Elective – 3cr
Elective – 3cr
Elective – 3cr

*Students can choose to take elective courses over the summer if they would like to finish more quickly.

*Enhanced classes in blue

Student Program Costs (2022-2023):

Tuition Fees

  • Crown offers partnership students a discount of 83% off regular tuition!
  • 83% off of $495 = 84.15/credit (2022-23 tuition) = $84.15/credit
  • Total tuition for 60 credit Associates degree is less than $5,300!
    • *Tuition total could be higher if students take more than three years or need more than 60 credits to finish their degree.


  • $145/semester technology fee
  • $170/semester enhanced course fee


Sample Semester Costs*^:
$84.15/credit (12 credits) $1009.80
Technology Fee $145
Enhanced Course Fee (4) $680
TOTAL $1834.80
*Pricing is based on 2022-23 tuition and fee. Crown reassesses pricing each year and tuition and fees are subject to change.

^Pricing does not include books, but most books at Crown are included for free in our classes.
Students who have graduated from high school can apply for Federal Aid
Students who complete their Associate’s degree, will be able to finish their Bachelor’s online with 25% off Crown’s tuition rate.
Students who wish to finish their studies on Crown’s campus will receive a scholarship.

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