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    ANT 231: Cultural Anthropology A foundational course in anthropology that places major emphasis on the concept of cultural variation in social construction and expression of the human experience. The course will prepare students for further studies in anthropology and culture through development of basic frameworks and research skills. The course is designed for a broad range of applications including professional and ministry contexts. 3
    ENG 131: English Composition This course emphasizes the fundamentals of effective writing in the context of the elements of rhetoric: writer, audience, and purpose. Students write narrative, informative, and persuasive compositions and a documented research paper. 3
    FAR 234: Stage Acting & Improvisation Students will learn the basics of theatrical research, character creation, and Western acting techniques. This class will also explore the theory/techniques of both American and British improvised theatre. 3
    MAT 131: College Algebra This course provides a short review of Algebra II, followed by a concise study of algebraic, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs. Linear, quadratic and systems of equations are included, along with their applications.

    Prerequisite:  High School Algebra II

    POL 232: Intro to Political Science This course introduces the theory and practice of politics, government, and administration, with special emphasis on the American constitutional system. An overview of the scope and methods of the field is given. 3
    PSY 130: General Psychology This course is designed to provide a broad overview of the field of psychology.  Topics include research in psychology, the brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, memory, emotion, learning, psychological disorders and psychotherapy.  This introductory course aims to help students think deliberately and skillfully about human behavior and mental processes. 3
    SCI 240: Intro to Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology This course will introduce the student to foundational principles in the management, assessment, ecology, and control of populations of fish and wildlife. Conservation Biology will investigate current environmental issues such as habitat and biodiversity loss, invasive species impacts, and protection of endangered species. One lab per week. 4
    SCI 242: Intro to Physical Science This course is an introduction to major concepts and principles of the physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, astronomy and geology. In addition to the class lectures there is one laboratory per week. 4
    SCI 243: General Biology I A biology course designed to give insight, appreciation, and understanding of our biological world and to realize our obligations and responsibilities as citizens to contemporary biological problems. Emphasis is given to molecular and cellular biology, genetics, and creation and evolutionary explanations. This course should not be taken in addition to SCI 241. One laboratory per week. 4
    SCI 245: Chemistry I Basic concepts of physical chemistry are introduced. Principles covered include properties of matter, nomenclature, atomic theory and structure, stoichiometry, the periodic table, solution chemistry, thermochemistry, quantum mechanics, bonding theories and molecular geometry. One laboratory per week.

    Prerequisite: MAT 131 or MAT 243 or two years of high school Algebra (including Algebra II) or a math ACT score of at least 20 or a math SAT score of at least 480.

    SCI 247: Physics I The major concepts of physics are introduced. Areas of study will include dimensions, vectors and units, kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, work and energy, impulse and momentum, gravitation, rotational motion, oscillatory motion, waves and properties of sound. One laboratory per week.

    Prerequisite: MAT 131 or MAT 243 or two years of high school Algebra (including Algebra II) or a math ACT score of at least 20 or a math SAT score of at least 480.

    Additional on campus courses offered: Accounting, Business, and Math (classes subject to change)
    Additional online courses offered:  see course list
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    COM 140: Perspectives in Communication This is a foundational course that explores the patterns and processes of human communication as they are relevant to daily life. Objectives include the analysis and improvement of verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, and perception. This course also provides the student with an introduction to developing and presenting speeches.  3
    ENG 132: Writing and Literature Continued instruction and practice in writing and the writing process are the focal points of this course, with emphasis on critical analysis of literary genres. 3
    MAT 243: Calculus I Following a review of limits, functions, and trigonometry, derivatives are studied in depth exploring linear, power, and implicit functions. Applications of the derivative include related rates, rates of change, curve sketching, and optimization. Basic integration is introduced including work with the definite integral and integral applications.

    Prerequisite: MAT 131 or high school Pre-Calculus

    SCI 246: General Chemistry II This course is a continuation of General Chemistry I. Areas of study include gases, intermolecular forces, properties of solutions, kinetics, thermodynamics, chemical equilibriums, acids and bases, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, qualitative and quantitative analysis. One laboratory per week.

    Prerequisite: SCI 245 or consent of the instructor.

    SCI 248: Physics II This course gives continued exposure to the major concepts of physics. Areas of study will include calorimetry, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetic waves, nature of light, optics and special relativity.

    Prerequisite: SCI 247 or consent of the instructor

    SOC 230: Sociology
    This is a survey course of the basic concepts in the sociological study of society, culture, the self, social organizations, the range of associational life, and social process. 3
    Additional on campus courses offered:  Math, Physical Education, Psychology, and Science (classes subject to change)  
    Additional online courses offered: see course list