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Why On-Campus PSEO at Crown College?

The Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) is a state-funded program that allows high school juniors and seniors to complete high school requirements at the college level. Crown’s PSEO Program provides a quality and convenient way for academically advanced high school students to meet their high school requirements and get a head start on a college education, supported by a Christ-centered community. 

Students who want a traditional college experience can apply to our on-campus programs.  


Commuter Program:

For Minnesota high school juniors or seniors who have earned a minimum of a 3.25 GPA. Many students in this program enroll part-time, so the challenge of balancing high school and PSEO commitments at Crown needs to be considered. Students must provide their own transportation.


Residential Program:

PSEO students who are at least 17 years old and meet the on-campus entrance requirements may live on Crown’s campus.  They live in the dorms, participate in student life and take classes much like regular freshmen. (Please note: Room and board is not covered by the State of Minnesota and is the responsibility of the student.)


Our PSEO program has two options: Crown Connect (on-campus PSEO-specific classes) and Crown Select (regular on-campus classes).


Connect vs Select




For high school juniors and seniors.  (Most juniors start in Connect.)For high school seniors or juniors with transfer credits
Take a wide variety of general education courses face-to-face with Crown professorsTake courses alongside traditional on-campus college students
Classes can apply to a Crown degree or transferClasses can apply to a Crown degree or transfer
Take classes with other PSEO studentsMost courses offered on the Crown campus are available to Select students (Students must meet course prerequisites.)
Connect students may also take Crown’s online PSEO courses to obtain additional credits.Select students must take at least 3 on-campus courses each semester.  If they would like, they can also take additional PSEO classes online.
Crown Connect is for commuter students only.Crown Select is open for commuter or residential students


Both programs receive additional support from dedicated PSEO advisors and is a great way for PSEO students to fully experience college life

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On-campus PSEO-specific classes 

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Regular on-campus classes for college credit

Crown Select
Important Dates:
Application DeadlineMay 1
New Student Registration DayTBD
Fall 2021 TermAugust 23-December 17
Spring 2022 TermJanuary 10-May 13
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Crown’s on-campus programs give PSEO students an opportunity to experience the awesome community life at Crown.  Many students are so impressed by our academics, spiritual life, and student culture that they decide to stay for the rest of their college careers.


Dr. Darin Mather

Associate Dean of the School of Online Studies


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