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Why On-Campus PSEO at Crown College?

The Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) is a state-funded program that allows high school juniors and seniors to complete high school requirements at the college level. Crown’s PSEO Program provides a quality and convenient way for academically advanced high school students to meet their high school requirements and get a head start on a college education, supported by a Christ-centered community. 

Students who want a traditional college experience can apply to our on-campus program.  


Commuter Program:

For Minnesota high school juniors or seniors who have earned a minimum of a 3.25 GPA. Many students in this program enroll part-time, so the challenge of balancing high school and PSEO commitments at Crown needs to be considered. Students must provide their own transportation.


Residential Program:

PSEO students who are at least 17 years old and meet the on-campus entrance requirements may live on Crown’s campus.  They live in the dorms, participate in student life and take classes much like regular freshmen. (Please note: Room and board is not covered by the State of Minnesota and is the responsibility of the student.)


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Application Process

In order to be considered for PSEO student status, students must:


*No standardized test required.


You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

Discover the better way to experience college. Get a jump start on your future while discovering more about yourself. Save thousands of dollars by completing college courses early.


Cost of taking PSEO courses


That is 20 million saved by PSEO students at 4-year colleges in 2016-2017



Cost of books for PSEO courses


Average class size

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Free Tuition

There are not very many free things in life–especially something as valuable as college credit. However, PSEO students’ courses and books are completely free. That means they can save thousands of dollars simply by taking courses early. That is quite the deal!



Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarships are available to students who attended Crown as PSEO/dual-enrolled students and then enroll as full-time first-year students the following academic year.  The maximum amount of this renewable scholarship is $2,000 per year. Students must demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Students enrolling in the School of Online Studies are eligible for a 25% off tuition scholarship.

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Learning in the classroom is one of the core ways that you can grow as a person. However, we believe classrooms can only go so far. That is why each student has the opportunity to connect with a faculty or staff member to talk about class, life, and Jesus. Because learning is more than just knowledge, it is experiencing life-changing relationships.

Important Dates:
Spring Application DeadlineDecember 1
OrientationJanuary 7
Fall 2021 TermAugust 23-December 17
Spring 2022 TermJanuary 10-May 13

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Here are common questions and their answers

Standardized test results are not required for PSEO students.

The official high school transcript comes to Crown directly from the high school in a sealed envelope or through an electronic transcript service. An official homeschool transcript includes classes, grades, a cumulative GPA, expected graduation year, and a parent signature and is mailed in a sealed envelope or emailed from the parent.

Crown is regionally accredited so credits should transfer elsewhere, but ultimately it’s up to the other college to decide what will transfer.  See Transferology for assistance planning your coursework.


The MDE Notice of PSEO Notice of Student Registration form must be completed each semester by the student, parent, high school counselor, and Crown College to be submitted to the MN Department of Education for payment.

This form indicates what classes are required for you to earn your high school diploma. Completing your high school graduation requirements is a priority for the PSEO program.

As a private Christian college, we require all residential and commuter PSEO students to have a relationship with Christ. The essay and covenant give you the standards you are required to abide by and give us the evidence that you are the right fit for Crown.