Course Offerings


  • Class Description Credit
    ENG 1510: College Writing & Research This course emphasizes the fundamentals of effective writing in the context of the elements of rhetoric: writer, audience, and purpose. Students write narrative, informative, and persuasive compositions and a documented research paper. 3
    IT 1060: Introduction to Computer Applications for the Office A practical introduction to common computer software applications for workplace settings including programs for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation. Students learn through hands on activities and applied projects. (Chromebooks do not work due to
    compatibility with the software)
    Additional Online Courses: Basic First Aid, Intro to Public Safety, American Literature, Digital Imaging, World Civilizations, American Government, Statistical Concepts, Music and the Arts, Personal Physical Fitness, Intro to Philosophy, Career Exploration and Planning, General Psychology, Foundations of Biology, General Chemistry I (Part 1), College Success Strategies, Sociology, and Anthropology of Global Cultures 1-4
      Classes are subject to change
  • Class Description Credit
    ENG 1512: Introduction to Literary Analysis Continued instruction and practice in writing and the writing process are the focal points of this course, with emphasis on critical analysis of literary genres. 3
    MAT 130: Math Survey A mathematics course designed for the liberal arts or general education purposes, including quantitative literacy and mathematical competency. The course consists of problem solving and mathematical modeling. Topics include set theory, operations, percent and decimals, linear equations and their applications, slopes, parallel and perpendicular lines, systems of equations, counting techniques, probability and descriptive statistics. 3
    Additional Online Courses: Concepts of Personal Finance, Public Communication, Media Foundations, Intro to Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Responder, Intro to Microeconomics, College Writing & Research, Creative Writing, Art Appreciation, Digital Imaging, US History, Intro to Human Services, Statistical Concepts: Introductory Forms of Hypothesis Testing, Class Voice Lessons, Personal Physical Fitness, Health & Wellness for Life, General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, General Chemistry I (Part 2), Nutritional Concepts, and Intro to Human Geography 1-3
      Classes are subject to change