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High School Partners

Why Crown PSEO through your high school?

Crown’s high school partnerships give students easy access to college courses right in their own high school classrooms. We have designed these partnerships with distinct advantages for students at Christian high schools.

  • Stay in your school: There’s no need to travel to a nearby college.

  • Stay in your activities: There’s still time to participate in your favorite activities and college won’t conflict with your schedule.

  • Stay out of debt: Save money by earning college credit for free.

  • Stay on track: Complete your high school graduation requirements while getting a head start on college.

If you are a high schooler who is not part of one of these schools, check out our online program or ask your high school teacher/principal to contact dualenroll@crown.edu to explore partnership possibilities.

Our off-campus PSEO options, including our online, high school hybrid, and homeschool hybrid options do not require a faith statement and will not be affected by the pending PSEO legislation.

The PSEO Experience


Application Process

In order to be considered for PSEO student status, students must:


*No standardized test required.

darren mather private christian college

Crown has developed courses specifically for our high school partnerships.  Students take classes from top-notch Crown instructors, while receiving additional help and support from teachers who are part of their high school communities.  Through these partnerships, high school students are able to get a high quality college education that comes with individualized academic support.


Dr. Darin Mather

Associate Dean of the School of Online Studies