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Why choose online PSEO at Crown?


  • 100% online classes for flexibility
  • Free college courses for MN residents
  • Free textbooks
  • Small class size (average 17 students)
  • Attentive & responsive professors
  • An advisor who serves as the student’s advocate



About the Program


For Minnesota high school juniors or seniors who have earned a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and want to get a headstart on their education. Students in this program are in online classes with other PSEO students in dynamic virtual classrooms.

Along with free tuition and class fees, PSEO students receive free textbooks from Crown. This puts students in a position of financial success in their academic pursuits. Information about obtaining books will be emailed prior to the start of the semester.

PSEO students must start classes according to the Crown College academic calendar. Semester start and end dates, breaks, and holidays may not coincide with the high school’s schedule.

Our PSEO program is a great way for high school students to transition into college. They are encouraged to apply to Crown College — on-campus or online — after they graduate high school.



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Course Info

Check out the courses you will be taking at Crown College, view the full pdf below.

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Application Process

In order to be considered for PSEO student status, students must:


*No standardized test required.

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Crown PSEO gave me opportunities to get ahead in my education and connect with some amazing faculty and staff members along the way. I’m so thankful for the doors Crown has opened for me!


Nathan Kilsdonk

PSEO Student ’20


You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

Discover the better way to experience college. Get a jump start on your future while discovering more about yourself. Save thousands of dollars by completing college courses early.


Cost of taking PSEO courses


That is 20 million saved by PSEO students at 4-year colleges in 2016-2017



Cost of books for PSEO courses


Online program

More Info

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There are not very many free things in life–especially something as valuable as college credit. However, PSEO student’s courses and books are completely free. That means you can save thousands of dollars simply by taking courses early. That is quite the deal!


Here are common questions and their answers

Standardized test results are not required for PSEO or Dual Enrollment students.

Work with your school guidance counselor and your college advisor to ensure you take classes that will fulfill your high school requirements and also be beneficial in your academic pursuits after high school.

The official high school transcript comes to Crown directly from the high school in a sealed envelope. An official homeschool transcript includes classes, grades, a cumulative GPA, and a parent signature and is mailed in a sealed envelope.

Crown is regionally accredited so credits should transfer elsewhere, but ultimately it’s up to the other college to decide what will transfer.


Apply through the School of Arts and Sciences Admissions office at 952-446-4142 for on-campus degree programs and through the School of Online Studies admissions office at 952-446-4300 for online degree programs.

Courses offered at Crown are listed in the Catalogs  The complete listing of courses available each semester can be found in Our.Crown after you’ve been accepted. Contact the Director of PSEO/Dual Enrollment with any questions about the classes.

Books can be ordered through the Crown Bookstore. MN PSEO students will receive a book voucher to order textbooks and then books must be returned to Crown at the end of the semester on the specific Book BuyBack dates. Dual Enrollment students will purchase their own books through the Crown bookstore or an alternate book ordering site.

Students taking on-campus classes and online students who live near the College will be required to attend a registration day in the summer which will also provide some orientation information. An optional orientation is provided for commuter and residential students. Online orientation will be offered through the Learning Management Site for online students who live at a distance.

Crown offers 2 8-week modules every semester. Meaning most of your classes will be 8-week courses (though some are the full 16 weeks). This allows you to focus on fewer courses at one time and aligns with our online schedule for greater flexibility!

On-campus students may take up to 19 credits. A typical full-time load is 12-15 credits per semester.  We require students to take a minimum of 9 credits.

Yes, but the cost of tuition is not covered through the PSEO program, so you should be prepared to pay the cost of tuition and fees for that class.

The MDE Notice of PSEO Notice of Student Registration form must be completed each semester by the student, parent, high school counselor, and Crown College to be submitted to the MN Department of Education for payment.

This form indicates what classes are required for you to earn your high school diploma. Completing your high school graduation requirements is a priority for the PSEO program.

Yes, if you are 17 years old, a senior, and accepted as a residential PSEO student.

Not at this time.

Yes, you can sign up for a meal plan on Our.Crown. The charge will then appear on your student account. Another option is to work directly with Crown’s food service by putting a designated amount on your ID card.

Residential students are required to attend chapel, and commuter students are invited.

No, not as a PSEO student. You may participate in intramurals.

Yes! Find where are we are going, what we are planning on doing, cost, and more.

Discover DS Trips >

Residential students must pay a deposit, room, and board; residential students with a vehicle and commuter students must pay a parking fee each semester.

Yes, if you are taking at least 3 classes on campus, then you are allowed to register for online classes also.

As a private Christian college, we require all residential and commuter PSEO students to have a relationship with Christ. The essay and covenant give you the standards you are required to abide by and give us the evidence that you are the right fit for Crown.

We recommend you take only 3-4 classes (9-12 credits).

After all your application items are received at Crown a letter will be mailed to you letting you know if you are accepted.

You may use a credit or debit card to make a payment in Our.Crown, you can contact the billing office at 952-446-4126 or to pay with credit or debit card, or you can mail a check to the billing office at 8700 College View Drive St Bonifacius MN 55375.

You must pay your bill before the classes begin.

See the Crown College School of Online Studies Catalog for options. Freshman and sophomore level courses are available to high school juniors and seniors.

You will work with our Department Chair at Crown to review the curriculum, create a Crown College syllabus, and obtain approval.

Professors need a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college. Course Assistants need a bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in the content area. They will need to go through the application process before being approved to teach.

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