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Minnesota Early College Programs

Crown College offers a variety of ways for Minnesota high school juniors and seniors to get early college coursework done. From on-campus students to commuters, from online to homeschool co-ops, we have a program that will fit you. Discover more about your programs and find out how Crown can set you up for success.


Outside Minnesota Early College Programs

Crown College offers a variety of ways for you to get early college coursework done even if you don’t live in Minnesota.  We offer convenient and affordable online classes that are fully accredited.  We also partner with high schools and homeschool groups outside the State of Minnesota.


Why Choose PSEO at Crown?



  • Quality Christian Education 
  • Fully Accredited – Courses Transfer Anywhere 
  • Dedicated staff and faculty who focus on dual enrollment students’ needs. 
  • A welcoming campus community
  • Intuitive and engaging online courses
smiling female student at private christian college


Cost Effective

College courses taken in high school not only give you a leg up; they can also shave off years of college which, in turn, saves you money. Plus, if you continue your college career at Crown, your credits are guaranteed to count, and we offer a PSEO scholarship. Taking Early College courses at Crown is truly a no-brainer.

Make a real difference in the world.

A quality, Christ-centered education can prepare you for a career that makes a real difference in the world. Consider the opportunities Crown College offers in Business, Bible, Christian Ministry, Communications, Music, Nursing, Science, Teaching, and more!


Jesus Only

Every major we have is built on the foundation of Jesus. Integrate your faith with your passion.


Be Known

Don’t just attend school; don’t just be a number. Find a community where you are cared for.


Fully Equipped

From theory to practice, discover how our classwork translates to the workforce.

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