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Now is a great time to take that leap of faith and apply. Applications usually take 15 minutes or less. Just think, in 15 minutes you can make a giant leap forward in your future! See you soon, future Crownie!


PSEO, Early College +
Dual Enrollment


Application Steps
  1. Complete and submit the application form that corresponds to the program you are interested in.
  2. Sign the Community Covenant and write the Spiritual Life Essay. (Prospective on-campus students only.)
  3. Request an official transcript to be sent to Crown College from your high school.  Send to dualenroll@crown.edu 
  4. Have your high school counselor complete and sign the Crown College PSEO Waiver Form and the current MDE PSEO Registration form. (MN public school students only.)
  5. Have your parent(s) complete and sign both of these forms (the Crown College PSEO Waiver Form and the MDE PSEO Registration form)–forms can be scanned and emailed to dualenroll@crown.edu or faxed to 952-446-4149. (MN students only)