Dr. Gary Newton’s newest book: Heart-Deep Teaching

Dr. Gary Newton’s newest book: Heart-Deep Teaching

For those who teach the Bible, this helps you understand how to engage students in the process of learning.

Crown’s professor of Discipleship Ministries, Dr. Gary Newton, has just had his most recent book published. This book is targeted to parents, teachers, and students of the Word desiring to dig deeper into the Word and apply its principles in life transforming ways.

While many books on teaching the Bible focus on the mechanical details of techniques, methods, and strategies, this book focuses on both the best theory and best practices to stimulate deeper student learning. The purpose of this book is to help those involved in teaching the Bible learn how to engage students in the process of learning – to discover and obey truth from God’s Word themselves.

Heart Deep TeachingRather than simply communicate God’s Word to students, teachers are instructed how to apply biblical principles in practical ways in their own lives before strategizing how to enable students to do the same. The goal of teaching is to engage the learner in following Christ at the deepest level possible in their journey toward Christ-likeness.

The concept of “heart-deep teaching and learning” is based on a Hebrew understanding of the “heart” as the innermost essence of the person, involving mind, emotions, and will.To watch Dr. Ken Castor interview Dr. Newton about this new book, click here.

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