Darren Noble Demonstrates How to Network as Rotary President

Darren Noble Demonstrates How to Network as Rotary President

Networking is one of the best ways to get a job. For the Director of Career Services at Crown College, it’s a way to demonstrate how important it is to help people connect the dots with local businesses and encourage community participation.

Darren Noble started serving as president of the Rotary Club of Waconia-West Carver on July 1st this past summer. He is responsible for community outreach, leading a weekly breakfast, managing the budget, and connecting with other Rotary clubs in the area. He has worked at Crown College for four years, but this is one of the most important demonstrations in his 13-year career of what it means to network in the community.

“Being the Rotary president helps me in my own career because I’m able to connect with leaders in our community, club, and district to make positive, lasting change,” explains Noble. “I’m constantly making new contacts, and often they are able to assist or connect me to key individuals in daily work situations.”

One example of this occurred recently. Because of his connections with the Rotary, Noble was able to facilitate a speaking opportunity for Michaela Svoboda, a senior Communications major at Crown. Svoboda was then asked to speak at a Carver County Library meeting.

“As president, I’m in a unique position to strengthen relationships and provide overall leadership to a strong organization that started in 1986,” says Noble. “I’m responsible for goal-setting implementation, evaluation, and overall progress toward club goals. I help inspire club members to participate in activities, and as the club’s leader I’m responsible for celebrating accomplishments.”

One key part of his role is to facilitate the local fundraisers. For example, the Waconia Rotary held a duck race at Waconia’s recent Nickle Dickle Day and raised over $17,000 in sponsorships. The money raised goes right back into the community in the form of scholarships and other donations. The club also participated in a highway clean-up in October along a stretch of MN Highway 5 leading into Waconia and assisted with a clean-water fundraising event with other Rotary clubs in Minneapolis.

For Noble, it’s all about being an example to students.

“Networking with people of influence who also have key connections certainly ought to be a priority for every student,” he says. “If you’re seeking jobs in healthcare, connect with people working in healthcare. The same goes for education, ministry, business, and other fields; however, it’s wise to network in literally any career.”