One Hundred Years
... of Faithfulness
One Hundred Years
... of Academic Excellence
One Hundred Years
... of Preparation
One Hundred Years
... of Leadership
One Hundred Years
... of Service

CROWN TURNS 100Crown College 100 Years

Crown College turns 100 on October 13, 2016. We are grateful for God’s faithfulness to us, for the thousands of students who have studied here, and even more thousands whose lives they have impacted once they left this place. Most likely, your life has been changed because of Crown College and we celebrate what God has done.

But even as we look backward to celebrate our heritage, we face forward to meet the challenges of our world today. Confusion, fear, prejudice, injustice, stagnation, and terror immobilize or polarize societies all over the world. The world needs clear-minded, well-rounded, spiritually alive people who live and love in the name of Jesus and who make a difference in our world.

As you discover the Centennial website, connect with friends of the past, relive memories of years gone by, rehearse God’s goodness in former days. But also, would you renew your commitment to Crown College’s future and join us in changing the world of tomorrow.

Together, let’s propel Crown into its next 100 years!

For more information, contact Emily Petzel (External Relations) at 952-446-4350 or by email

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Photo Archives

Containing books, theses, tapes, institution publications, photographs, records, realia, and more, the College Archives provide a wealth of information about the 100 year history of Crown College.

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Centennial Committee Members

Cheryl Owczarek, Kathy Wiggins, Ally Gillette, Joel Wiggins, Jessica Artibee, Gary Benedict, Heather Hansen, Joe Tewinkel, Jill Osborne, Annie Downing, Deanna Munson, Andy Lundgren, Bill Kuhn, Luke Herbert, Shirley Granlund, Bruce Snyder, Bob Morton, Dwight Williams, and Kyle Kunzmann.