August 10: Crown Together FAQ

FALL 2020


Aug. 10, 2020

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How is Crown College making decisions for the fall semester?

The COVID-19 Task Force meets regularly to review guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE).  The Task Force, with the input of many campus personnel, have provided the central guidance to the College’s re-open plan.  We will continue to prayerfully monitor the situation and respond as necessary.

Is hand sanitizer available at the residence halls?

Crown has added hand sanitizer stations around campus in many public spaces. Still, we are encouraging everyone to provide your own so that you can have it with you and available at all times.

What additional measures are being taken to sanitize the surfaces in common areas like lobbies?

All public areas are being sanitized regularly. When using any space that will be shared by other students, such as residence hall lounges or in Sherburne Ave Coffee, students are encouraged to wipe them down using disinfectant spray/wipes before and after use.
Additionally, our residence area lobbies will have capacity limits posted to allow for physical distancing.

What is Crown doing to keep the campus safe?

The best practices for a safe community are the responsibility of each person: regular handwashing, face coverings, and physical distancing.  We ask each person to practice good hygiene and to partner with us in being a safe place for all.  In addition, the college has developed steps for contact tracing, revised cleaning protocols for all spaces, provided plastic dividers for offices where traffic is high, rearranged public seating and pedestrian flow for physical distancing, added sanitation stations across the campus, purchased thermometers, modified classroom space, added reminder signs, and adapted programming to accommodate state and federal recommendations.  We invite everyone’s cooperation towards these practices.

What should I do if I am not feeling well?

For the sake of our community, please do not come to campus if you are not feeling well or if you have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19. Contact your health provider to take a test and wait for the results before returning to campus. Also, please let us know at if you will not be moving in at your assigned time for this reason.

What steps will be taken if I show symptoms of or am diagnosed with COVID-19? What if I come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

Residents who live within 250 miles of campus will be expected to quarantine and to isolate at their homes. Residents who live outside of that radius will be encouraged to isolate or quarantine at home if possible, or secure a place off-campus. A limited number of rooms are available on campus for students who do not have any options to quarantine or isolate off-campus. Services such a meal delivery (through the student’s meal plan) and check-ins with Health Services will be coordinated for those that need to stay on campus. Students should inform an RA or RD if they have symptoms or have been exposed.
*Students and parents, please discuss a plan and be prepared to have space where you can quarantine or isolate off-campus if the need arises. 

What is Crown’s stance on face coverings?

Our Governor has issued a mask mandate, so Crown has made face coverings part of our return-to-campus expectation. We recognize that there are varying views on wearing masks, but we’re committed to each other’s safety – Crown Together!


When can students move into the residence halls?

All students have been given a designated date to move in. Beyond that, information has been provided to students so that we can spread out our move-in times in order to more easily achieve physical distancing. New students will come on either Friday, August 21st, or Saturday, August 22nd. Continuing students will return to campus on Tuesday, August 25th. Students – check your Crown email for details.

Will the Welcome Week staff help new students unload and move in?

We strive to make your move-in experience as easy and smooth as possible. We all know things are different this year, and so we have asked our new students and families if move-in assistance is wanted or needed. If yes, we’ll help in a safe way abiding by our safety protocols. If no, we’ll cheer and encourage our new students as they settle into their home away from home. Either way, we strive to be helpful and hospitable as a reflection of our Community.

Can I have family or friends help me move in?

Yes. Each student is welcome to bring up to 2 people to help with the move-in process. Students and guests will be required to complete an electronic health screening within 24 hours of their arrival to campus.  This limit has been set in order to help allow for physical distancing within our residence halls during the move-in process.

Can I move into the residence halls early?

We are committed to safety, and part of our move-in process is scheduling students so that we can easily abide by our physical distancing policy. Therefore, we are not allowing students to move in early.

What should I bring to campus?

In addition to what we recommend here, please bring extra hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and face coverings. Consider packing lightly – at least initially – to ease the move-in process and to determine what you really will need.


What will chapel look like in the fall?

We will continue to have public worship opportunities at Crown; it is central to our mission and values.  Chapel will meet with limited seating in the chapel and be simulcast to other spaces on campus.  Other creative chapel programming possibilities are being pursued.  Stay tuned for more details.

Will Sherburne Ave Coffee Shop and Storm Café be open?

Yes, most of our public spaces will be open this fall, though seating has been arranged to accommodate guidelines for physical distancing.

Will the Weight Room and Fitness Center be open?

Yes, all spaces will be available for students, though occupancy and hours may be modified to assure the health of participants.  Cleaning protocols have been established to sanitize the spaces.

Will the commuter lounge be open?

Yes, during normal operating hours, 7:00 am-11:00 pm.  Lockers, a refrigerator, a microwave, and study tables are available in the commuter lounge.  We encourage everyone to sanitize hard surfaces before/after use in such public spaces.

Will students be able to leave the campus?

Yes.  We understand students will need to leave the campus for a variety of reasons.  We ask that everyone take into consideration Crown’s community and refrain from actions that may create unnecessary health risks.  When off-campus, we ask that you continue physical distancing and wear face coverings per the state mandate.

Will there be student activities on campus?

Absolutely!  We are planning for a fun-filled semester with a full schedule of activities for students.  Activities are being planned that accommodate physical distancing and other recommendations from the CDC, MDH, and MOHE.

What will the pedestrian traffic be like on campus?

We are laboring diligently to provide a safe experience for each member of the Crown community.  You will notice some directional and standing instructions in designated areas of the campus.

What will food service be like?

Plans are being made to provide a safe environment for meal distribution.  New traffic flow, physical distancing seating, and alternative meal options should be expected.  Additional options for grab-n-go meals and pre-packaged meals will be available.

Will students be able to meet with faculty and staff?

Yes.  Some meeting locations may need to be adapted to allow for physical distancing, but employees are available to the degree they are comfortable doing so. We will have virtual options for health services and counseling services to meet the need of each student.   Minnesota currently requires face coverings in all public spaces.  We encourage everyone to be respectful of other people’s health and safety, so be mindful when entering offices and other meetings.


Will housing be open at Crown this fall semester?

Yes, and we eagerly anticipate your arrival back to campus very soon! We have been employing new safety guidelines and protocols that are informed by recommendations from the CDC, MDH, and MOHE. We anticipate the community will all be in this together – Crown Together!

If I have to go home, how will I keep up with classes?

Students should communicate with faculty immediately should they need to be quarantined or isolated.  Faculty are prepared to work with students individually to continue progress on course participation and requirements.

Will I be allowed to have guests on campus?

As we seek to maintain the safest campus environment possible, only residential students (those who live on campus) and approved faculty/staff will be allowed in any of our residence halls and areas. There will be restrictions on visiting hours within each area communicated to our students depending on their living areas.

Delivery services (food, pizza, groceries, etc.) will not be allowed inside the residence halls. Students must meet the delivery person outside of the building.

Who can come and visit my assigned dorm room?

Students will be expected to limit the number of visitors in their room. The number cannot exceed 2 more than the designed occupancy of each residential unit. The designed occupancy in each room/area will be posted and also available via the residence life staff.

Per the Residence Life COVID Guest Policy, only residential students are allowed as visitors in rooms and lobby areas. In addition, it is strongly recommended that when a visitor is in your room that all who are present wear a face covering.

What if a staff member needs to enter my room?

There are a number of reasons why a staff member may need to enter your room (facilities concerns, residence life staff, safety/security responses, etc.) In these cases, when possible, staff will do their best to work with you on a time that works well to visit your room. Staff will wear a mask whenever they have a need to enter your room.