Crown student publishes J.R.R. Tolkien paper in academic journal

Crown student publishes J.R.R. Tolkien paper in academic journal

By Josie Parker

Crown student Brittany Andrews has published a paper on J.R.R. Tolkien in MJUR, the Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research. This is the first time in at least two decades a student has published an academic paper. Andrews is a senior and will graduate this week on May 13.

“Brittany’s accomplishment is impressive,” says Dr. Joel Wiggins, the President of Crown College. “To have a peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate research publish her paper shows both her determination and scholarship. I can’t imagine having done that when I was a student at Crown four decades ago – and I was a history major too! I’m very proud of Brittany.”

The journey to publishing the paper started her Freshman year. She took an Honors-level Critical Thinking and Writing class with Dr. Myers. One assignment involved writing a paper on a popular Christian thinker. Andrews is a The Lord of the Rings fan, so she picked the English author.

While doing the research, she stumbled on a 1959 study by Bertram French and John Raven regarding the theories of power. She discovered that almost of all these theories of power could be applied to characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Andrews started researching Tolkien’s illumination on teamwork, self-awareness, and community when influencing others.

Dr. Myers took special interest in the paper as well, assisting with revisions as part of the class assignment. Several semesters later, Andrews continued with the idea and her freshman paper began to change and evolve into a very impressive piece of academic work.

After long hours of writing, revision, and clarifying this past December, she submitted the paper to the MJUR. To her excitement, a few months later, MJUR contacted Andrews and congratulated her on the acceptance of her work for the April edition of the journal. Then, after submitting a few changes and clarifications to one of the editors, Andrews received an official copyedited version from MJUR for approval. It’s a rare privilege, she says, and a highlight of her college years.

After graduation, Andrews will travel to Israel for an internship to work for Envision, an international missions group and part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. She will archive and digitize the site’s records dating all the way back to the start of the C&MA ministry in the country. Andrews says she is “very excited to see how the Lord will work and reveal himself and His calling” wherever he leads after her internship this fall.