Crown PSEO Enrollment Increases 463% in 3 Years

Crown PSEO Enrollment Increases 463% in 3 Years

The year 1985 was a big milestone for education programs in Minnesota.

The state legislature passed Minnesota Statute 124.09D, allowing eligible high school students in grades 10-12 to take college courses for credit for free while simultaneously completing high school. Since the original statute passed, the program has grown tremendously. In 2014, for example, over 9,000 high-schoolers took advantage of the program.

At Crown College, the program known today as PSEO (Postsecondary Enrollment Options) has also grown significantly. In only three short years, the number of enrolled students has increased by 463%, to nearly 300 students.

“Crown College PSEO has grown significantly over the last three years due to having a concentrated effort,” says Emily Cano, the Director of PSEO at Crown. “Minnesota high school students have many college options — 62 colleges with multiple locations — to choose from, but we are willing and able to supply creative options to meet their needs.”

One of those innovations has to do with one point of contact — Emily herself — who champions the student’s progress from initial contact with the college, through the enrollment process and course selections, and (most importantly) all the way through to high school completion.

You can think of her role as part admissions counselor, part adviser, and part friend because of how she stays so involved in the life and academic work of each student.

“PSEO is a great program and we as PSEO students are respected the same as any other student,” says Jonathan Nelson, who started at Crown this fall on campus as a college freshman (and high school senior). “It helps my future academic goals by allowing me to get college credit while still in high school at the college level.”

“I loved PSEO because it gave me a two-year full-ride once I was accepted, which has opened so many doors including the opportunity to finish my degree at Crown,” adds Chyelle Dvorak, who took two years of PSEO at Crown and is currently a junior by academic record. “PSEO has helped me so much financially. I also realized how amazing the professors are, which was a major part in my college decision. The professors and staff at Crown are dedicated to helping students find opportunities in the job world, which is a great benefit of attending Crown.”

Another major advantage of Crown’s PSEO program is that it is highly flexible.

Cano explained there is now a hybrid program that allows homeschooled students in Minnesota to take courses in their own church or community, while also partaking in accredited courses online with a Crown professor. They meet regularly in person with a credentialed instructor. Currently, 143 students are enrolled in homeschool programs in cities like St. Paul and Rochester. Crown PSEO students can also participate through Southwest Christian School in Chaska and South Heights in Burnsville.

“The hybrid option has worked so well in the homeschool community because they don’t have to find a credentialed instructor to teach,” says Cano. “We find the Master’s degree-prepared instructor for the online portion and they find a Course Assistant who is willing to meet with the students once a week. This is also a great alternative to all online courses for those students who want some face-to-face time with other students and/or a teacher.”

Another new program called Connect allows PSEO students to take both online classes and enroll in on-campus courses. One initiative in the early stages, called Crown in the Classroom, involves certified courses taking place at Christian schools and churches.

It’s an exciting time at Crown because of the tremendous growth, and because PSEO students are completing their coursework in a biblically-based, nurturing environment.

For inquiries about PSEO, direct questions to Emily Cano or call Crown at: (952) 446-4100.