Crown Professors Obtain Nationally Recognized ACUE Certification

Six professors at Crown College have been certified by the Association of College and University Educators (or ACUE) for the last two academic school years.

The program takes 25 weeks to complete and includes coursework in 25 learning modules, completed by Crown faculty each week over two years and ending April of 2019. The goal is to bring evidence-based instruction into the classroom — that is, a way for professors to verify learning with students using metrics and evaluations.

The professors who completed the program include Kellie Corti (Communication), Tim Morrison (Teacher Education), Lynne Shenk (Physical Science), Tom McCracken (Humanities), Karen Evans (Science and Math), and Kim Geurts (Accounting).

“ACUE has been very effective in teaching me the pedagogy needed to take my students to the next level academically,” says Dr. McCracken, an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and the Chair of the Humanities Department. “We were taught the latest evidence-based practices on subjects from syllabus development and assessment to lectures and student interaction. I would highly recommend ACUE to all instructors working in the higher education system.”

“The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) is a 24 week course where faculty learned college teaching pedagogy and tested it in their own classrooms,” adds Scotti Moats, the Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair of the Teach Education program.

A ceremony was held on May 3 during a faculty meeting.

The nationally recognized Certificate in Effective Instruction is co-endorsed by ACUE and the American Council on Education (ACE). Its purpose is to promote a better education experience for faculty and staff and also for the college students taking college courses.

ACUE instruction is invaluable because it means the students themselves engage at a higher level with the subject matter. In the end, that helps Crown achieve its stated goals of helping every student obtain a rewarding, biblically-based education.

“ACUE is a well-designed, cohort-based program that emphasizes best practice in pedagogy for the changing needs of students today,” says Dr. Scott Moats, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Crown College Provost. “Our faculty who have engaged with the program had the opportunity to put into practice the skills taught by ACUE that ultimately leads to better student engagement and to better student learning.”

“The credential is a concrete indication of Crown College faculty members’ dedication to great teaching and the success of their students,” adds Marlo Goldstein Hode, the ACUE Academic Director. “It shows that they are equipped with the teaching practices that are proven to help students learn. With those tools, I know that credentialed faculty will positively impact students for years to come.”

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