Crown Online Expands Academic Programs for Fall 2013

Crown Online Expands Academic Programs for Fall 2013

Three new Bachelor’s degrees and two new minors all focus on workplace needs.

Online New ProgramsCrown College continues to expand its online program offerings, announcing the addition of three new online majors: Criminal Justice B.S., Disaster and Emergency Management B.S., and a B.S. in General/Liberal Studies. Applications are now being accepted for all three degrees for the fall of 2013.

Crown is also adding two new online minors: Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Marketing. Minors can be combined with any Crown bachelor degree to increase the marketability of graduates.

The new programs were chosen based on market demand forecasts over the next 7 years, and were designed by faculty members with a proven track record of success in the classroom and in their field.

“We selected programs that exhibited the highest amount of growth potential,” says Dr. Jim Hunter, the Dean of Crown Online, “We want our graduates to be marketable and achieve their desired professional outcomes.”

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

A high-demand degree with tremendous job potential, Crown’s accredited online B.S. in Criminal Justice offers students a unique educational opportunity with real-world implications: to investigate diverse social, political, legal and ethical concerns embedded in complex criminal justice issues from a Christian perspective.

Online Bachelor of Science in Disaster and Emergency Management

With the onset of irregular weather patterns, super storms and other natural disasters, Disaster and Emergency Management is one of the top 10 professional fields experiencing job growth.

Online Bachelor of Science in General/Liberal Studies

Transfer students are welcome to apply their existing credits, regardless of academic discipline, toward a degree plan that works for them. Juniors and seniors wishing to change their major without starting over can complete their studies at Crown. Freshman unsure about an area of concentration can explore multiple disciplines, graduating with broad academic experience in the liberal arts.

Online Alcohol and Drug Counseling Minor

The Occupational Outlook Handbook indicates a job-growth rate of 27% (faster than average) for substance abuse counselors. Our Christian-centered counseling program addresses how to recognize and respond to addiction, how to support and help those in need, and the role faith plays in recovery.

Online Marketing Minor

Crown’s Christ-centered Marketing Minor deepens your knowledge of how research, communications, product development, advertising and marketing strategies apply to your academic discipline. In the process, you’ll become more marketable to potential employers, with more professional options after graduation.

Financial Aid is available; 98% of Crown students receive loans, scholarships or financial aid. For more information on any Crown degree, fill out the Learn More field in the right corner or call 855-CROWN-YOU.

Offering a variety of online Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, including an MBA, Crown Online is ranked, again in 2013, among the Top Ten Online Christian Colleges and Universities by